It’s out! Crystal Cadets #6! But will it come to print?

It’s out! The latest issue of Crystal Cadets splits the team in two, as they must hold off Emmy’s attack at a fun fair while cleverly bringing home the next cadet. But will the girls, still trying to figure out their powers, make a mess of it? The answer may surprise you! Forgive me for sounding like a “news at 11″ broadcast ;) There are only 2 more issues left, so get on board!

If you’re not convinced, check out an extended preview of this issue over at the Roar Comics Tumblr.

If you haven’t heard, IDW will be print publishing many of Lion Forge’s comics, including some Roar Comics titles in June. It’s not official that they will be collecting and publishing Crystal Cadets, but I bet the more digital orders we get, the better the chances are of getting to hold the collected print edition in your hot little hands (or big, cold hands, as the case may be).  So get in there, tell your friends, tell your wife, tell your friend’s wife, and spread the word!

Crystal Cadets 6 is available for Kindle and DRM-free at the Lion Forge site.

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Secrets hidden in the deep: Crystal Cadets #5

cc5When the Crystal Cadets got split up at the end of the previous issue, they find themselves in a hidden underwater cave.  They soon discover that being lost is the least of their worries.  What secrets will they find in the deep?  Download issue 5 of Crystal Cadets and find out!

You can also check out an extended preview on the Lion Forge Tumblr here.  And there’s a sparkly version, too, because, hey, sparkles.

In case you missed it, Crystal Cadets was also featured in a Bustle feature on upcoming lady creators in comics, including Raina Telgemeier, Roz Chast, and Fiona Staples.  Check it out.

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Where’s the Sapphire Cadet? Find out in Crystal Cadets #4

The quest to find all the Crystal Cadets continues, as Zoe, Jasmine, and the gang head out to Puerto Rico to find the Sapphire Cadet.  But as their ranks grow, will they be able to stick together?  Download Crystal Cadets #4 here.  CystalCadets4

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Trail of the Scorpion launch and RPGnet chat tonight!

Rockets! Mars! Adventures! Get the inside scoop about what goes on in writing a pen & paper RPG adventure tonight, 5pm PST, at RPGnet.  This Q&A chat heralds the launch of Rocket Age: Trail of the Scorpion, a book offering a series of adventures for your Rocket Age characters.  I wrote A Prince’s Ransom, another more stand-alone adventure, earlier this year. Join Rocket Age line developer Ken Spencer, myself, and other writers of the Rocket Age adventures for a chat on making pulp science fiction a thing of the present.

Rocket Age: Trail of the Scorpion is a 6-adventure module that just launched, available in PDF or in print.  The Trail sends your heroes from Venus, to Earth, on to Mars, Ganymede, and finally to the moons of Saturn. Along the way they will discover and fight the machinations of the mysterious Red Scorpion crime syndicate and its shadowy leader. Hop on board for puzzles to solve, battles to win, chases, betrayals, and high adventure!

I wrote the fourth episode of this adventure series:

Sting of the Scorpion – Something bad is happening on Ganymede, and our heroes are sent to investigate. Their search for clues leads them from a Jovian Spaceways pleasure cruise, through the forests of Ganymede, and deep into the mysterious and dangerous black fog. What will they find inside, and what does this mean for the peace and security of all the planets in the Solar System?

Anne Toole takes us to Ganymede and entangles our heroes in a gripping, almost Bond-movie like ending. Good thing I wore a tux under my flight suit.” – Ken

Join us tonight, December 18th, at 5pm PST at RPGnet and pick up your Trial of the Scorpion PDF while you’re there!

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Pearl Cadet Showdown! Crystal Cadets #3 now available

Crystal Cadets #3

Just when you thought it was safe to give up reading digital comics, Crystal Cadets #3 premieres!  I wrote this magical girl comic series, which premiered in November, with a team of fabulous ladies, so hop right over to publisher Lion Forge’s site and check it out.

What’s next for our team of intrepid superheroes, you ask?

The Crystal Cadets must reach the new Pearl Cadet, before the Darkness does! Their search takes them to a skateboarding competition, where Emmy has been convincing all the athletes to cheat—powering the Darkness to attack the Cadets! Will they win over the Pearl Cadet in time?

In case you missed the first issues of Crystal Cadets, be sure to pick up Issue #1 and Issue #2.  Stay tuned for the next exciting installment in the new year!

And if you haven’t already, you can still pick up the print version of the GRIMM FAIRY TALE HOLIDAY EDITION in a comic store near you, for any adults in your life who like a good horror holiday tale.

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Comics Wednesday! Crystal Cadets #2 & Grimm Fairy Tales Holiday Edition: 2014

New comics for adults, for kids, for adults who are kids!  Got two comics that came out today, one digital, one that old-fashioned thing called “print!”  So if you want to see the latest and greatest work from artists all over the world, but all, sadly, written by me ;) now’s your chance!

First up is the holiday edition of Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales, a superhero comic series with a decidedly horrific twist.  This 36-page special comes with four covers to choose from!

10620682_10105334327446910_1895606678211970753_nGRIMM FAIRY TALES: HOLIDAY EDITION 2014
Story by Pat Shand, Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha
Written by Anne Toole
Art by Butch Mapa, colors by Hedwin Zaldivar & Valentina Pinto, lettered by Jim Campbell, edited by Nicole Glade.

Every Christmas, Krampus surfaces to punish humans most deserving of his wrath. However, the merciless killer wasn’t always a vengeful spirit. This holiday, Sela Mathers journeys back to a time before Krampus was the monster we have come to fear… *The Return of KRAMPUS!

If the thought of holding a physical product that smells like newsprint and dreams gives you hives, you may want to check out the exciting second digital issue of Crystal Cadets.  Fresh off reviews from the Escapist, Comic Book Resources, and Ain’t it Cool News, you can check in on Zoe, Jasmine, and the other cadets as they face off against their very first villain!

Written by Anne Toole
Art by Katie O’Neill, colors by Paulina Ganucheau, lettered by Erika Terriquez, edited by Adam Staffaroni.

Evil forces have found Zoe at home—and her parents have been taken over by The Darkness! Luckily, the mysterious “exchange students” from school come to save Zoe, and they each sport crystals a lot like Zoe’s diamond! What does this all mean, and who are these arrow-shooting, fireball-throwing girls? Team up with Zoe in the next issue of Crystal Cadets!

If that’s not enough for you, I wrote the story for a DEAD ISLAND digital comic earlier this month that is an accompaniment the games, but I’ll post about those anon…

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Comikaze Sunday unites Crystal Cadets & Lion Forge

Crystal Cadets will be joining the mother ship on a panel featuring all of Lion Forge’s titles, from Miami Vice to Punky Brewster.  In case you missed it, Lion Forge imprint Roar Comics’ newest venture, Crystal Cadets, came out earlier this month.  Buy it heeeere!  Or if you’re not yet sold, join us this Sunday at #Comikaze14 to learn more about awesome girls saving the world!  And some stories based on TV licenses ;)

Lion Forge Comics & IDW Publishing: Digital to Print and Beyond!
Date: Sunday
Time: 12:00pm
Room: Los Angeles Convention Center, 308AB
Panel Description: Join Lion Forge and Roar Comics creators as they discuss upcoming titles along with their recently announced print partnership with IDW publishing!

Moderator: Jonathan London
Panelists: Brandon Easton (Andre the Giant), Geoffrey Thorne (Knight Rider), Joelle Sellner (Wonderous, Saved By The Bell, Punky Brewster), Mairghread Scott (Sabre Riders), Anne Toole (Crystal Cadets), Rob Worley (Airwolf), Shannon Eric Denton (Editor-In-Chief of Lion Forge), Tom Pinchuk (Roboy)

See you on Sunday, or play the home game version by reading Crystal Cadets!

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