Writers Cabal lifts the veil of secrecy

Welcome to the Writers Cabal blog.  We’ll be offering tips for developers of all stripes on how to deal with writers and the written word in games.  With cleverly written games getting more and more press — and higher sales — developers need to know the ins and outs of designing for story and dialog.  As a producer, designer, animator, or programmer, you’ll want to learn how you can improve and influence the story in games.  Whether you work with writers or are writing your game in-house, the Writers Cabal will conspire with you to make your job easier. 

 Who are we?

The Writers Cabal claims ten years experience in games and television.  In addition to writing for games, our conspirators have also acted as producer and designer on several shipped titles.  With experience on both sides of the pen, we’re happy to help guide developers as they navigate the dark and mysterious world of writing for games.



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