Outsourcing gains popularity

Gamasutra reports today that Midway is forming an outsourcing hub in Austin.  We’re particularly pleased to see they aim to streamline the outsourcing process, so we’ll definitely keep an eye on them for any innovations or best practices.  They’ve already taken the first step in consolidating outsourcing for all their studios.

Apparently Screen Digest also predicted that outsourcing will account for 40% of game expenditures by 2010.  Do you think this trend in outsourcing is good or bad for the game industry?



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3 responses to “Outsourcing gains popularity

  1. Alan

    Outsourcing isn’t inherently bad; it’s often worthwhile to outsource to specialists who have particular areas of expertise. However, consider that extra communications overhead can result in unintended delays and missed deadlines. Also, more often than not, you get what you pay for. This isn’t a criticism of outsourcing per se, but as with any aspect of the game development process, it’s important to be smart about it.

  2. True on the problems with communications, delays and deadlines, although I’m here to tell you it often happens, if not more so, within the company, and not just with the outsourcers. I’ve heard of some cases where the outsourcers are more reliable than the staff.

  3. Alan

    Yeah, it really sucks to have unreliable people in-house. Of course, it isn’t clear that outsourcing is really the intended solution for that problem.

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