GDC Coverage at last

Now that everyone has settled in, recovered from GDC flu (mostly), and made plans for the weekend, we’d like to offer you a review of the Writers Cabal week at GDC on  From MMOs and narrative design to dancing with geeks, you’ll get our highlights of GDC.  You can also visit Gamedev for an in depth look at Sande’s panel Pirates of the Caribbean: Writing Across Game Platforms.

Now for some photos that didn’t make the cut:

Pirates of the Caribbean panel

Sande Chen, Matt Costello, Mike Goslin, Ted Elliott, and Jeff Gomez before it all went down at the Pirates panel.

Linden Lab party

Linden’s Jake Simpson, Anne Toole, and Bioware’s Damion Schubert in the dark after it all went down at the Linden Lab party.



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3 responses to “GDC Coverage at last

  1. The gamedev article link is wrong. 😦

  2. We’ve been informed that it’ll be back up soon.

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