Helping the writer "get it:" Part 3

You, like the wise man, may have noticed that many of the ways to help the writer “get” systems also help the writer “get” story, or any other aspect of your game.  So here’s where we put it all together.  You’ve given your writer all the documentation, art, and prototypes you are able to.  They “get it.”  Now, how do you help your writers ask questions so they continue to get it? 

1.  Coordinator method

The writer speaks to one and only one person about his or questions.  This coordinator’s mission is to farm out the questions to the appropriate people and make sure they get answered in a timely manner.  Drawbacks: The relay race may cause slowdowns in getting the answers.  Furthermore, some questions may get lost in translation.

2.  The tag team method

You give the writer a list of names, each person with the ability, the responsibility, and most importantly, the authority to answer questions on a specific subject.  For example, Janie can answer questions about the quest system, while Joe can answer questions about the story background.  Drawbacks:  If questions are missed or dropped, you may hear about it too late.  Also, may be a bit of a juggle for the writer.

Now you, like the wise man, have writers who “get it.”  Right?  But wait!  Return tomorrow, where we conclude with Things Not To Do to help your writers get it.

Helping the writer “get it:” Part 1
Helping the writer “get it:” Part 2
4 Things Not To Do to help your writers “get it

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