4 Things Not To Do to help your writers "get it"

If you’ve read the first three parts of this series, then you already know the steps you can take to help your writer “get it,” whether it be your game, your story, or your company.  In addition, we have come across the following four methods that don’t work:

1.  Giving your writer a list of names to contact, leaving him/her unaware of who does what.  The writer will be left guessing who to contact about specific problems.

2.  Not making it clear how you want to receive questions and when.  Do you want to get phone calls once a week with all the questions?  Do you want three e-mails a day?  Is it okay to IM with questions as they come up?  Let the writer know.

3.  Not answering writers’ questions, ever (But you wouldn’t do that, would you?). 

4. Failing to give writers early feedback.  If your writer isn’t getting it, you need to act as guide to get back on track.  The sooner you do it, the more time you’ll save down the line — and, to repeat a cliche, time is money.

This list is probably not exhaustive.  Any brave souls out there care to share other Things Not To Do?  Feel free to post anonymously with your horror stories.



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2 responses to “4 Things Not To Do to help your writers "get it"

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  2. I feel your tips and advice are good for all types of writers…I know i found them helpful for myself…thanks for taking time to talk about writing..and helping others. the world needs more people like you out there.

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