Prediction of future games

I will now put on my magic hat and look deep, deep into the future.  Within three years, we will see many games with the dead as protagonists — either undead like vampires or the dead who have come back to life.  Some of these dead will solve crimes. We will also see battles for people’s souls, with devils and demons.  Oh, and God willing we’ll have another Terminator game. 

Okay, I’m not psychic.  I’m really just reading the trend in this season’s television pilots.  Following the logic that games have a tendency to follow what works in other media, we’ll be seeing games along the same themes within the next several years.  So let us hope these types of pilots and games come to pass, because the alternative is something like this:

Ensemble following the lives of four men who carpool.

Anyone else have predictions?  Or critique of my prediction?



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2 responses to “Prediction of future games

  1. Can you make a game out of multi-generational, dysfunctional, suburban family dramas? Because that’s what I’m seeing a lot of on the horizon.

    Also: How long before we see a game based on the Geico caveman? *shudder*

  2. Hey, if they pulled off a Desperate Housewives game…

    And, I almost mentioned this, but here’s an ABC comedy pilot:
    Three cavemen who live together and are a metaphor for minority discrimination.

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