What HR thinks it takes to work with writers

I came across the first job posting I’ve seen that addresses working with outsourced talent.  Of course, this job is for an Art Outsourcing Manager, but it gives us a clue of things to come.  We’ll address each of these responsibilities in the coming weeks.  As you read through, does anything seem missing?  Does anything ring a bell?


• Establish and maintain healthy, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with external vendors.
• Communicate style requirements to external partners to ensure a consistent project vision.
• Monitor game team and vendor interactions and help mediate potential issues.
• Ensure clear and consistent documentation of art production pipeline for a range of assets for external vendor reference.
• Develop tools to improve communication and efficiency in the internal/external pipeline
• When necessary, visit external studios for training or on-site meetings.
• Establish tests for vetting new outsourcing contacts, and review and rate incoming test assets.
• Collect and maintain metrics on outsourced art to be used by the Art Director and project Leads.
• Work with producer and fellow artists to establish reasonable budgets and costs for outsourced art.
• Work alongside a producer to schedule and track outsourced art.
• Monitor contractor assets submissions for consistent high quality and bring forward any red flags as needed.
• Maintain close communication with outside developers to ensure they meet contractual requirements.

Skills and Experience

• Previous outsourcing experience required.
• Contract negotiation skills preferred.
• Experience in an Art Director or Lead Artist role a strong plus.
• Must possess strong leadership and interpersonal skills in order to effectively delegate tasks and motivate external teams.
• Well versed in game art creation tools such as 3ds Max, Zbrush and Photoshop.
• Receptive to working in collaboration with managers from external companies along with other game team leads.
• Solid understanding of game development processes, limitations, dependencies and trends.
• Excellent communication, time-management and organizational skills.
• Task driven, self-motivated, and proactive.
• Works well under deadline pressure.
• Must possess an enormous passion for games.


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