Hourlong dramas for 2007-8

Below follows a listing of pilots that are hot to be picked up, or have already been picked up, per The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline Hollywood.


A young man who becomes Satan’s bounty hunter and must reclaim souls that have escaped from hell. 

Based on the best selling book about a rivalry between two ultra-rich girls on Manhattan’s Upper East Side that heats up when the bitter rival of Blair Waldorf gets kicked out of boarding school and returns to Blair’s private school.


“The Bionic Woman.”  Hope the script is better than the one I read 🙂

Based on the book about three fortysomething women at the top of their game professionally, struggling with various moral and personal issues.

Man travels back in time to right wrongs while trying to hold together his life, family and sanity in the present.

An average guy becomes a fugitive after he somehow downloads a CIA database into his head.

A falsely imprisoned cop rejoins the forces a changed man and uses a Zen-like approach to both temper his rage and to find the connections that help solve the crime – doesn’t employ traditional investigative technique


“Pushing Daisies,”
A man who has the power to bring the dead back to life, but only for one minute, falls in love with a woman he brings back

Untitled Jon Feldman project, PERFECT GENTLEMEN
A soap exploring the bedrooms and boardrooms of four dysfunctional CEOs

“Dirty Sexy Money,”
Idealistic young lawyer who inherits the job of representing a rich, powerful and ethically flexible family after his father’s unexpected death.

“Eli Stone,”
Brilliant corporate attorney shuffles his priorities when he begins to experience bizarre hallucinations.

“Football Wives,”
Three spouses of professional athletes find their lives turned upside-down when they’re thrust into the national spotlight. Based on the BBC series.

“Cashmere Mafia”
Follows the complicated lives of powerful women as they try to balance their careers, families and friendships

Based on the hard-boiled detective created by Raymond Chandler.

GREY’S spinoff featuring Addison’s character.


“Babylon Fields,” – yay!
The dead are resurrected and try to resume their former lives.

The untitled Cynthia Cidre project, LOS DUQUES
Latin God father.

“The Man”
An undercover cop maintains street credibility as the man who can procure hard-to-get items, all the while serving as the adopted father to a trio of troubled teens in his legit life.

Residents of a cop-heavy suburb of LA deal with the stresses of life.

“Viva Laughlin”
Based on the British murder mystery musical series about a low-rent casino owner who hopes to open a lavish resort in Las Vegas.


Based on Sarah Connor’s character from TERMINATOR.

Soap following the lives of cops and their families off-duty.

Cop show set in post-Katrina New Orleans

Aliens in human form who operate in decentralized terrorist cells find their planetary mission jeopardized when they start taking on human emotions.

“Canterbury’s Law”
Edgy and seasoned female defense attorney.

Soap opera centered on nurses.

“New Amsterdam” – per THR, but not per Deadline Hollywood
200-year-old detective solving crimes in a contemporary world.


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