NBC Upfronts and, oh, that party

It’s already day two of my quest to attend all the network upfronts this week.  NBC’s went off without a hitch.  I got the opportunity to meet and speak with Jason Katims (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS), Jason Smilovic and Michael Dinner (BIONIC WOMAN), and ate small chocolate-covered cheesecake.  Katims seemed open to the product integration that NBC touted during the presentation, while Smilovic was unaware that the Sarah Connor Chronicles also features a female character who can kick butt due to robotic enhancements. 

Afterwards, I slinked on over to the WMA party.  While I didn’t speak with any showrunners there this year, I did have the opportunity to speak with Les Moonves himself!  I found out that he would indeed say something like “You can never have too much comedy in a drama.”  Those who have visited my samples page know that’s the top quote on the page!  In the Head of Network department, I also spoke with Matt Blanc, who, in addition to being CEO of Showtime, was headed to Paris the next day.  We should all be so lucky.

And in the great get-Anne-a-cool-job department, I spoke with a lawyer who actually specializes in TeeVee.  He agreed to read my material, so fingers crossed, comrades!


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