What's your vision?

A new video series for Fable 2 on “love and emotion” got me thinking. Part of our mission at the Writers Cabal is to help you realize your vision. But how do you articulate your vision?

The clue lies in the answer to this question: How do you want your players to feel when playing the game? Now, of course you want your player to feel important, but delving deeper will help differentiate your game from, say, the 100 other RPGs out there. Do you want your player to feel heroic? How about “loved,” as in the case of Fable 2? Do you want your player to feel ambivalent, torn, conflicted, eager, certain, or some combination thereof? There’s no wrong answer, so long as you actually answer that question and articulate it to your team. Your vision will help everyone from programmers to, you guessed it, writers create a cohesive and compelling game.

What questions have you asked yourself to clarify the vision for your game?

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4 responses to “What's your vision?

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  4. I usually start with thinking about a “moment” I want the player to experience. It’s really all about the player having a certain experience.

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