Improve your quality of life and your bottom line: hire game writers!

The current issue of Game Developer has the one-two punch of discussing improvements in quality of life for game developers and the trials and tribulations of paying for overtime. Outsourcing to game writers helps with both.

First of all, you know how much you’re going to pay upfront, and you need never worry about overtime unless the project itself stretches beyond the original parameters. You can also improve your personal quality of life by leaving the writing to professionals who will stay up late to get it done on your behalf. In the QoL article, one developer is quoted saying, “You are looking at an industry that needs to move fast, produce more.” Game writers help you do that so that you can focus on what’s most important to you. What would you do at work or at home if you had less to worry about on the job?

Question Mark Guess that game dialog! Last week’s line of dialog came from Duke Nukem. Check back for more Guess that game dialog!

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