Unity of Space, Unity of Time, and interpret my notes!

I was cleaning today (fear me!) and I came across notes from, oh, I’d say 6 years ago or so.  Before I introduce them to the trashcan, I thought I’d put them down here.  I think these are part of the unities of Aristotle or some Greek dude, but I no longer recall.

1.  Unity of Space – Don’t go someplace else if you can do it where you/your characters are

2.  Unity of Time – Why wait?  Always pull it up.  It, meaning action and plot.

Now, for the mystery note:

“irony good = tension”

Now, was I writing about irony, and then wrote down that tension was good?  Or was I saying that irony is good because it means tension?  If so… I’m trying to think of an example where good irony led to tension.  In the Sixth Sense, Bruce Willis treats the kid who sees dead people, when it turns out he himself is dead.  Or a ticking bomb in a playground only the audience knows about.  Seems like a lot of irony deals with the audience knowing or not knowing some vital info.

Got a better example of irony?  I’m sure there’s plenty.

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