The verdict is in! Game reviews of The Witcher

We are thrilled to finally see the release of THE WITCHER in the U.S. What a stunning debut for CD Projekt RED!

Mostly, we are grateful to have been given this opportunity to participate in the development of a groundbreaking RPG. It’s always been obvious to us that this game was a labor of love for the developers, who brought these best-selling novels to life for the world audience. Thank you, CD Projekt RED, and thank you, Atari. We hope the reviews continue to be as laudatory as the ones we’ve seen so far. Everyone who worked late nights on this project deserves it.

X6 (Norway) – 6/6
(“The Witcher is perhaps the most open and non-linear RPG I’ve ever played, when it comes to the story. And the fact that your choices have big consequences makes it truly exciting. “)

Joystick review (France) 9/10 + Megastar award
(” “Forget everything you know about RPG’s. Intense and deep…The Witcher is the new reference for RPG’s”)

PC Jeux review (France) 90% + ‘Hit PC Jeux’ award

Games Extreme (UK) – 9/10
(“This is one game that I can truly say deserves to be the best PC RPG of the year, even though 2007 is almost over, if not that then the best PC RPG period. “)

Games Radar (UK) – 9/10
(“Most noteworthy are the cutscenes, which have been storyboarded and edited with real cinematic flair and, together with the voiceovers and script, make The Witcher one of the best examples of interactive fiction we’ve enjoyed.”)

IGN (US) – 8.5/10 + IGN Editors’ Choice Award
(“The Witcher really is a good game and one that PC RPG fans will surely enjoy. It combines some entertaining and fast-paced combat with a well realized world and pretty decent story that branches and can end in three different fashions.”)

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