WGA Strike picketing report

Writers, Canadians, and an occasional star.  It’s not about the art of writing, but it sure is about the business.  Here’s my strike report, by gate!

FOX Galaxy gate 

I am especially fond of the Galaxy gate, because it’s literally the closest gate to my house.  Too bad it’s so far south — I have to walk down from Santa Monica to get there.  It’s even worse when I have to walk back after picketing for hours.  But I’m strong like bull!

FOX Pico gate 

Earlier this week, the Galaxy gate lacked water, so I had to head down to the Pico gate.  It’s a much bigger crowd and much more organized, which isn’t necessarily my cup of tea.  However, once I was crossing at the crosswalk, I was back in familiar territory.  And, as often happens, you find yourself talking to the strangest people.  Before I knew it, I was talking to Larry David, and a OLTL writer I was with ended up rubbing sun block on him.  Truly odd. 

Paramount Main Gate

I decided to see how the other half lives so I went to Paramount today.  I didn’t like it as well as FOX, but it could be because I now know more people there.  I managed to corner a certain Mr. Z. Estrin, writer of various shows I’ve watched perhaps too much, into a long conversation.  If he’d had the rest of his show with him, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to speak with him. 

The biggest burst of energy came when a couple of vacationing Canadians joined in the picket for a couple spins round the crosswalk.  They were having such a good time, and, really, what’s cooler than going to Hollywood and being part of entertainment history?  I’m just sayin’.


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