Bait and switch?

I was watching an actual new episode of Ghost Whisperer.  I’m assuming it was written by WGA writers, so here goes.  I was actually not expecting a certain plot twist.  Here it is in a nutshell.  Ghost wants to protect his sister.  It appears Ghost was dating popular girl.  However, in reality, sister was trying to date the popular girl.

Why did we not guess that the girl was gay?  Well, aside from heterosexual privilege 😉 , I think it’s because the son of one of the main characters seemed kind of interested in her.  You were rooting for him to get with her, so you become really surprised when she’s not interested in him or guys.  However, you feel a bit taken aback when the son doesn’t seem to care that the girl is gay.

I’d say this is a good tactic: create rooting interest in one character that actually counters a secret fact.  Ideally, however, the guy should have reacted and perhaps been disappointed that she wasn’t into guys. 

It’s late; I’m tired.  This post may make no sense, but let’s see if I can come up with another example.  Main character is hoping to get a job from Girl.  He’s working hard and doing everything he can to get the job.  Then it turns out girl is not even working.  It’s even more helpful if all of this appears to be a subplot of some sort, so you don’t even question the validity of it.  If it’s the main plot, the audience will be trying to anticipate the twist.

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