Witcher nominated for Writers Guild Award!

It’s official!  THE WITCHER, the first joint project of the Writers Cabal, was nominated for a Writers Guild Award!

While THE WITCHER has already earned accolades from IGN and GameSpy, among others, the WGA nomination has special meaning for us, because it specifically recognizes the story and writing.  This nomination puts us game writers beside the likes of Damon Lindelof & Drew Goddard, writers of LOST; Bryan Fuller, writer and creator of PUSHING DAISIES; and Diablo Cody, writer of JUNO. We have long believed that good storytelling was not the exclusive territory of linear narrative.  This nomination proves it. 

We are terribly grateful to our co-nominees at CDProjekt — Artur Ganszyniec, Sebastien Stepien, and Marcin Blacha — for introducing us to the world of The Witcher.  We lift a virtual mug in your direction!  

Other nominees in the Videogame Writing category include the writers behind Sierra’s CRASH OF THE TITANS, D3 Publisher’s DEAD HEAD FRED, EA’s THE SIMPSONS GAME,  and Sierra’s WORLD IN CONFLICT.  Congratulations to everyone!

Question Mark Last week’s game line came from Anne’s recent session playing DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION SUPERNOVA. Did you guess it right? More Guess that Game Dialog to come this week!

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7 responses to “Witcher nominated for Writers Guild Award!

  1. Haris Orkin

    How excellent! I’m so excited. Very well deserved!

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