Game writing links – Gamasutra roundup

It’s time for another round-up of articles relating to game writing.  If you’ve missed Gamasutra lately, here’s what’s been going on:

Video Games: Officially Art, In Europe
So games are art in France.  Does that mean the next great wave of video game writing will be en francais?

Opinion: Controls, Simplicity, Focal Interest, and Contextual Sensitivity
Player should feel most in control when they are doing the most important part of the game.  Translate this to writing story, and you should give player non-trivial choice when it comes down to how the game ends, rather than resolving it in a cut scene.  Also great comments on mood — you know what also sets mood?  You guessed it.

Game Design Expo: Radical’s Zmak Gives Original IP Reality Check
Got a great new game idea?  Hope you got a pile of cash, too.

Interview: Nintendo, Advance Wars, & The Art Of Localization
To localize a game, you have to want to capture the developers’ original vision.  Not unlike writers brought on to a project late.

Opinion: The State Of WYSIWYG Game Design
When it comes to in-game tips, yes, there really are more appropriate ways to help your player than just writing text.

Project Horseshoe’s Thoughts On Story
Very interesting article from designers about story.  My major beef: Apparently thinks stories from other media don’t create an emotional experience for the user/viewer.  Apparently has never read a book, watched a movie or TV show, attended a play or musical, or laughed at a joke.  I’m just sayin’…

Feature: Designer Sylvester On How Games Engineer Compulsion
This article discusses how games can create emotional states, which we already knew from Nicole Lazzaro, but it may be a nice addition to your reading on the matter.  Author kindly includes human storytelling as one of our natural compulsions and advocates creating opportunities for player story in game design.  Hear hear.

Any articles you’ve come across worth a mention?

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