2008 Game Developers Conference – Day 4

End of Day 4 at the 2008 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA:

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2 responses to “2008 Game Developers Conference – Day 4

  1. Lily

    Hey Ladies,

    It was fun rolling with you in the rain. Next year I’ll plan to stay over 🙂

    Could you comment on what the key 3 or 4 key takeaways are for the conference?

    Safe travels!

  2. Hi Lily, great seeing you again.

    There was so much going on at the conference that takeaways would have to be personalized. But for my general feeling, I think –

    1) with game writing and design — there is a push towards integration of game systems that support the narrative

    2) MMO’s and virtual worlds will be more plentiful and more mainstream

    3) Serious games and/or advergaming will be gaining acceptance.

    Altogether, it would seem that in our daily lives, we will see more games in the future. While they won’t be hardcore gamer-type games, they will help the industry by bringing in market segments that had not been playing video games before.

    – Sande

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