A limited time Halloween treat and question

It’s almost the 31st — that wonderful day when I enjoy the largest Halloween gathering in the US right in my backyard.  In honor of Halloween, AK Peters is offering 31% off all its books until the 31st.  AK Peters published Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing, with our chapter “Writing in a Team,” as well as Game Design: From Blue Sky to Green Light by Deborah Todd, who was on the WGA panel with me last weekend.  Now’s your chance to own them at a nice discount if you order before the end of the month.

Discount code: “newbooks”

And now for a more serious matter.  We’ve been a bit announce-y lately, so I thought we could use some levity.  I am considering my Halloween costume.  It’s a toss-up between zombie Sarah Palin and steampunk pirate.  Which do you think would be better, and how should I put the look together?  Who will you be for Halloween?

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4 responses to “A limited time Halloween treat and question

  1. Do the pirate. And post pictures. That’s my vote.

    I’m doing a Clark Kent costume, since most of my time has gone into the kids’ costumes.

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  3. sasa

    I love steam punk costumes. Might even see you again this year if you roll down the hill. Sandy wants to go she has never been and since this is on a weekend it is a great chance for her. On the other it is a logistically horrid weekend the brewery art walk is the same weekend, lots of walking. The LACMA costume party is on saturday not much rest there and it is almost a mile and half walk from my work, probably the closest parking, to the parade. I almost feel like jsut staying at home and handing out candy while letting y friends come by with costumes. But there is a big fannish party the same night so all my well costumed friends will be there.
    one day I will win a prize for having the silliest problems

  4. As much as I’m a very creative guy, I’ve had the same costume for the last five years: Sister Harlene Davidson. I wear a nun outfit with a mustache, sunglasses, and a cigar.

    I think you should amp it up and go as steampunk Palin. JUst add some hoses and drape a dead moose over your shoulder.

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