Forget Black Friday — get autographed game items online!

For those of you not in the US, Black Friday refers to the first day of the Christmas shopping season.  People line up for hours on the day after Thanksgiving to get cut-rate discounts on items to give to family, friends, or themselves(unless you’re me, in which case you spend the day learning about early ancient history on TV).  People who don’t have the stomach for grinding to get presents, however, instead elect to do their shopping online.  Fortunately for you, there’s still time to get autographed game items through the WIGI auction.  Some auctions end tonight, so click on this eBay link to get your bid in!

I’ve done a bit of investigating, and the current high-price leader is a Revolution Lincoln poster signed by Sid Meier — that’s at $76 and the bidding ends Saturday evening.  Coming up next is the bid for THE WITCHER, written, in part, by yours truly 😉 and signed by the dev team.  At $36 it’s a steal!  A bunch of hats, a messenger bag, and t-shirts for various games will be off the market by the end of the day today, Friday, so you better check out the eBay link before it’s too late!

So go bid, then come back and tell us what you won.  What’s on your Christmas list?

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2 responses to “Forget Black Friday — get autographed game items online!

  1. I’ve heard that next Monday is “Cyber Monday”, where people get back to work and do Christmas shopping on their office computers.

  2. Alas, Monday will be Too Late for the WIGI auction! Actually, I read online that Cyber Monday dates back to a time when people were unlikely to have broadband connections at home. Highly anecdotal information on Twitter suggests people are buying more today online than they would normally.

    If you’re vaguely nerdy like me, here’s more info on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc:


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