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Making the cover: Wizard 101’s game industry coup!

We made the cover of Game Developer magazine!  By we, of course, I mean everyone who worked, and continues to work, on Wizard 101, the game that kept me in noodles during the WGA strike.  While the writers aren’t mentioned explicitly in the article, I’m sure it was just an oversight 😉  I’m proud to have worked on such a fun game that players continue to enjoy.  MMOs rock.

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Comic book writing just got a new name

The winner of the Write Brothers FBCC Comic Scriptwriting Competition 2009 has been chosen!  After the announcer finished catching her breath after that mouthful, she announced that I was the winner.  Woot!  The winning script follows a group of partisans in WWII as they attempt to infiltrate a Nazi base.  Now if you want to read the winning script, it is just possible you can find it on the site you are currently browsing.  If you’re brave.

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