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Rock out zombies on your Wii!

Zombies! Love them? Hate them? Either way, you’ll enjoy blowing them away with your guitar controller! You didn’t misread me. ROCK OF THE DEAD, one of my latest projects, was announced earlier this month. In the grand tradition of campy horror, you play a rocker who blows away the zombies who seem to be taking over the world. Voice overs provided by none other than Dr. Horrible’s alums Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day. You might even hear some of my voiceover!

Feel free to check out IGN’s First Look of ROCK OF THE DEAD.  Or check out some video here.  If you love campy comedy, then I’m the mentioned writer of the WITCHER who wrote the dialog for this game.  If you hate it… it was one of them other guys 😉


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Innovative Games at GDC 2010

I just noticed that I was included in a list of MIT alumni, in Even More Groundbreaking Alumni-Developed Video Games.   What an honor to be mentioned alongside Looking Glass Studios, and games like Defender, Ms. Pac-Man, and Asheron’s Call. I should mention that Cogs is a Finalist  in the 12th Annual Independent Games Festival in the category of Excellence in Design.  I attended my very first GDC with 1999’s IGF winner Terminus and it’s wonderful to see how the IGF has grown over the past years.

Speaking of innovative games, I will be leading the IGDA Game Design session at GDC 2010.  We plan to have some interesting paper prototypes from professional and student designers alike for you to play, so please come and join in the fun!

IGDA: Game Design SIG
Speaker: Sande Chen (Writer and Game Designer, Freelance)
Date/Time: Friday (March 12, 2010)   3:00pm — 4:00pm
Location (room): Room 228, East Mezzanine
Track: Game Design
Format: 60-minute Roundtable
Experience Level: All

See you at GDC 2010!

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Is there something you don’t know about game writing?

If you’ve had a burning question about writing for games and you live in Southern California, tomorrow you’ll get your chance to ask it.  I, along with several other suckers — er — illuminati, will be speaking on creative writing in games for the Orange County chapter of the IGDA.  Here’s the 411:

We invite you to join us for the IGDA Orange County February Chapter meeting with a fun evening hosted at Obsidian Entertainment to discuss creative writing in video games.

With a distinguished panel, we’ll engage in a moderated discussion looking at story formulas, analyzing storylines versus game-play and the challenges between linear and non-linear stories in games.


* Chris Avellone, Creative Director, Obsidian Entertainment
* John Gonzalez, Lead Creative Designer, Obsidian Entertainment
* Anne Toole, Writer/Designer, 2008 WGA Nominee, The Witcher
* Leonard Boyarsky, Lead World Designer, Blizzard Entertainment
* Dan Arey, Senior World Designer, Blizzard Entertainment
* Cameron Dayton, Story Developer, Blizzard Entertainment


Join us on the 2nd Tuesday of every month for a great time of entertainment, industry growth and peer networking for the video game industry.

February Chapter Meeting

Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Obsidian Entertainment
8105 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200
Irvine, Ca 92618

The offices of Obsidian Entertainment are a short walk across the street from the Irvine Spectrum. The building is on the corner of Irvine Center Drive and Pacifica. It is on the Fortune Road side of the Spectrum. Please allow yourself about 10 minutes to find parking and make your way to the building.

There is parking available at the building. When you enter the parking structure, grab a parking ticket to open the gate. When we leave in the evening, the gate will be open and parking will be free.

Suite 200 is on the second floor. There will be someone at the door checking people in.

I’ll also be attending the WGA Videogame Writers Caucus event, honoring this year’s nominees, on Wednesday. Come say hi if you’ll be there!

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Evolve or die: what’s working and what isn’t in TV drama

Television is a constantly evolving medium, and with increased competition from the internets, television needs to evolve even faster or go the way of the dodo.  Fortunately, I attended a panel discussion last year with a number of TV illuminati who addressed just this issue.  Here are just a few points of view on TV drama and what’s working in today’s market:

  • HBO believes in trying something out rather than sitting in a room and convincing yourself why it won’t work.
  • Kevin Williamson (VAMPIRE DIARIES) was only half joking when he said that the 6-act structure has ruined one-hour drama.
  • Jeff Wachtel, head of USA, believes now, more than ever, an original voice is what makes good television.

What’s your take?

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