Rock out zombies on your Wii!

Zombies! Love them? Hate them? Either way, you’ll enjoy blowing them away with your guitar controller! You didn’t misread me. ROCK OF THE DEAD, one of my latest projects, was announced earlier this month. In the grand tradition of campy horror, you play a rocker who blows away the zombies who seem to be taking over the world. Voice overs provided by none other than Dr. Horrible’s alums Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day. You might even hear some of my voiceover!

Feel free to check out IGN’s First Look of ROCK OF THE DEAD.  Or check out some video here.  If you love campy comedy, then I’m the mentioned writer of the WITCHER who wrote the dialog for this game.  If you hate it… it was one of them other guys 😉



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3 responses to “Rock out zombies on your Wii!

  1. Leveraging music peripherals has got to be a stroke of genius. It seems so obvious in retrospect!

  2. OMG, I might have to get a Wii just for this!

  3. Jia

    This sounds like it could be a cult classic. Typing of the Dead is one of my favorite games.

    When’s it coming out?

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