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Rock out zombies with ROCK OF THE DEAD today!

It’s here!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for…  Just in time for Halloween, the zombie-killing video game for consoles, ROCK OF THE DEAD, is now available at Gamestop and on Amazon.  You’ve already read the reviews.  Wait — you haven’t?  Then check them out here:

Adrenaline Vault
“…laugh out loud commentary and quips which are highly entertaining as it moves along…”
“I give the developers a huge amount of credit for the writing and overall novelty of the game and hold high hopes for a sequel.”

Diehard GameFAN
“What unfolds is campy B-movie quality horror game that works quite well … The character is quick-witted in commenting about everything around him.”

And of course, don’t miss star Felicia Day’s interview:

Got the game yet?  Drop a comment if you’ve had a chance to play it yet!


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Zombies, Games, and the headless horsewoman

It’s coming… and soon… ROCK OF THE DEAD, voiced by NPH and Felicia Day and written by me, is slated to launch October 19th!  Killing zombies with your guitar controller has never been more fun, because, well, mostly because it’s never been done before.  In honor of same, the Examiner did a write-up of yours truly here.  If you’re using the right browser, you will only see half of my head!

If you want to get ahead of the game, excusing the pun, you can preorder ROCK OF THE DEAD at Amazon (360 or PS3) or at Gamestop!

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