Rock out zombies with ROCK OF THE DEAD today!

It’s here!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for…  Just in time for Halloween, the zombie-killing video game for consoles, ROCK OF THE DEAD, is now available at Gamestop and on Amazon.  You’ve already read the reviews.  Wait — you haven’t?  Then check them out here:

Adrenaline Vault
“…laugh out loud commentary and quips which are highly entertaining as it moves along…”
“I give the developers a huge amount of credit for the writing and overall novelty of the game and hold high hopes for a sequel.”

Diehard GameFAN
“What unfolds is campy B-movie quality horror game that works quite well … The character is quick-witted in commenting about everything around him.”

And of course, don’t miss star Felicia Day’s interview:

Got the game yet?  Drop a comment if you’ve had a chance to play it yet!



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