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My top 11 game/media adventures in 2010

Unlike most years in review, you can partake in these adventures, even if you’re not a game writer yourself.  While some adventures took me far from home, some I enjoyed from the comfort of my home, and so can you!

  1. Started playing FARMVILLE
  2. When I went up to San Francisco for GDC, I had to restrain the urge to click on the cows and trees as we drove by.

  3. Organized IGDA WIG SIG social at GDC
  4. Cuz girls are cool and stuff. Wherever I go, swag is sure to follow…

  5. Spoke about Hot Warrior Women at the LOGIN Conference
  6. While the video for our presentation, “Hot Warrior Women, and six other tips for MMO Content Development,” is not here, you can point and laugh at the game writing interview I did at the conference.

  7. Was caught by surprise when I found out AQUA, which I wrote the dialog for, launched for XBLA
  8. The writer is always the last to know.

  9. Stopped playing FARMVILLE
  10. And the cows of California were safe.

  11. Randomly worked on HOUSE for two weeks as office wench
  12. Did you know dengue fever is actually pronounced den-gee? I did not, and I hope that information never comes in handy again.

  13. Attended my first PAX expo
  14. Real game writers wear black

    If you haven’t gone yet, you should go next year! Check out the pics from our panel on game writing!

  15. Started playing LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE – Free 2 Play
  16. Because how premium games transition to the micro-transaction model is an important lesson to learn. And you get to talk to Strider.

  17. Enjoyed the launch of ROCK OF THE DEAD for 360/PS3
  18. Because the gaming universe needs more serious, hard-hitting dramas 😉
    And zombies.

  19. Attended my first Paris Games Week
  20. It’s like a small E3, except you can’t understand anyone. Which is not so different from E3, now that I think of it, with all the noise.

  21. Played a bunch of co-op shooters on 360
  22. Warmed up by accidentally stabbing my partner to death.  In retaliation, he stabbed me in the back, and we died together.  How Shakespearian.  Good times.

And as a bonus, I also entertained a new puppy, which I will now force you to enjoy:

Which adventure are you going to take on in 2011?

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