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Writing Social at GDC Europe

I’ll be speaking this Monday (!) at GDC Europe on the wonderful subject of writing for social games, both MMOs and Facebook games.  If you’ll be at GDC Europe, you’ll want to check it out.

GDC Europe
2pm, Monday, August 15, 201
Rheinsaal, 1st Level
From Saving the Princess to Saving the Cow: Content Lessons from MMOs to Facebook Games
As Facebook games mature, developers must work harder to differentiate and monetize their games, and more and more designers are turning to narrative as the solution. Yet narrative done poorly can alienate players. Fortunately, Facebook developers can draw from the wealth of experience of their social gaming predecessors, MMOs. At the same time, MMO developers can learn new narrative and design tricks from the success of Facebook games. Narrative Designer ,Anne Toole, draws examples from MMOs and Facebook games that demonstrate the power of narrative design to not only engage players, but drive monetization.

Come to learn, point and laugh, or just say hello!  I’ll see you there.

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