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A media map of 2011

My 2011 Map

So, I’ve been playing around in multiple media in 2011, and not just transmedia.  There’s just one problem.  Something’s missing: you.  Let’s collaborate in 2012 to make an even bigger map for all of us.  If we all made maps and combined them at the center, just imagine what crazy fractal media art we’d make!

Ready to build your own map?  I used  Let’s connect ours and see what beautiful maps we can make!


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The girl who hears voices – A transmedia project

Just to forewarn you, I’m not the girl who hears voices.  Unless someone is talking to me.  And then only sometimes do I hear them.  The girl in question is Crystal, the main character of ME2, a beautifully-drawn MTV Geek comic book.  Crystal Carter has spent years in a mental hospital and will be coming to terms with multiple personalities — and multiple super powers.  I am writing her online journals here.  Check it out!

In case you’re not happy reading a blog post without a buzzword in it, these journals are a transmedia extension of the ME2 brand.  I’ve been working across platforms for years (does STARGATE WORLDS count?), but this is the first true transmedia project to see the light of day.  There’s more to come.  I’m working on one more, but can’t talk about yet, and I also recently spoke on transmedia at a panel at Loscon.

What’s your take on transmedia? A buzzword, or the wave of the future? Or perhaps there’s a door number three…


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That’s debatable: Is 3D the only way to success?

People got a bit hot under the collar yesterday in London when I got up to debate the future of social games at Social Gaming and Virtual Goods World.  The topic: Will 3D be necessary for social game success, or will good, simple game-play be enough?  I championed gameplay and emphasized the fact that engagement is key in social games, and engagement is best done through story, rather than just art.  Of course, I’m a little biased.  We concluded that 3D games will become more common, but in the end, good games will win out, if properly marketed.

One attendee suggested that 3D killed the adventure game.  What’s your take on how 3D impacted more hardcore games with the advent of Playstation?


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