A media map of 2011

My 2011 Map

So, I’ve been playing around in multiple media in 2011, and not just transmedia.  There’s just one problem.  Something’s missing: you.  Let’s collaborate in 2012 to make an even bigger map for all of us.  If we all made maps and combined them at the center, just imagine what crazy fractal media art we’d make!

Ready to build your own map?  I used https://bubbl.us/.  Let’s connect ours and see what beautiful maps we can make!



Filed under Animation, Fiction, Film, Games, Transmedia, TV, Writing

2 responses to “A media map of 2011

  1. Alex

    Very eager to hear about the feature film. Do you know when you’ll be able to talk about it?

  2. bradfordkillscancer

    I inadvertently wrote a song using your name because it rhymes with a town in Illinois.

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