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If you haven’t been watching this fine modern-day adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, you can take a stroll through catch-up lane by watching the following episodes of LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES.  Oh, and did I mention I’m the credited writer on all of them?

Episode 18: 25 Douchebags and a Gentleman – First mention of Wickham

Episode 29: The Ethics of Seeing Bing – How does Lizzie get away with airing a vlog?

Episode 30: The Ticking Clock – Play along in this exciting installment of Darcy says the darnedest things!

Episode 39: The Insistent Proposal – Collins has a proposal for Lizzie.

Episode 41: Your Pitch Needs Work – Collins has a proposal for Charlotte.

So brush up on your LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES!  Start quoting her now!  Or something.


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