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Fitting writers into the game development process

When it comes to writers in games, which simile is best?  Is incorporating writers into the game dev process like:

…ramming a square peg into a round hole.
…ramming a car into a brick wall.
…ramming a bullet into a well-greased chamber.

If you’re not prepared, it could end up being like the first, or worse, feeling like the second.  Fortunately, I’ll be speaking tomorrow at the #AltDevConf about how to make the process more like the third, so that your bullet is primed and ready to blow your players’ minds!  And not just any bullet, the bullet of justice!  I’m kidding; I’m a little punchy this morning.  Here’s the 411:

Fitting Writers into the Development Process
When: Sunday, November 11th, 2:30pm Pacific time
Where: Online!
Game developers are sometimes left scratching their heads on how to incorporate writers into the game development process. This talk will take attendees through the stages of development to identify how a writer can integrate with the team and add value to the game, whether it be narrative-driven or narrative-light.

Register here, and I’ll see you Sunday!

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Break out and write animation!

Woops!  Forgot to mention I’ll be speaking today at Long Beach Comic Con on… animation writing?  “Hey!” you may be thinking.  “Don’t you write games mostly, and also the LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES webseries, and maybe a bit of Nanowrimo?”  The answer is yes, but oh, so much more.  So to learn what I know about writing animation, or find out other fascinating knowledges about the animation industry, check out this panel:

Long Beach Comic Con at the Long Beach Convention Center
Sunday, 11:00 – 11:45, 4 November, Room 102A
Breaking Into Animation
Animation is a great area to work with a lot of different jobs as part of the process.  Writing, storyboarding, animating, character design, production jobs, programming, voice acting, and more.  But how do you break in? Just how do you get a job working in animation?
Sean Bishop, Mike Blum, Kelly Hobby, Anne Toole

Personally, I’m looking forward to what the other panelists have to say about directing, storyboarding, and working in the art department.  Hoping for some laughs and to see a few smiling faces.  See you there!

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