Anna Silk as BoThe hit Syfy series LOST GIRL recently launched their first mobile game for iOS and Android, called, plainly enough, LOST GIRL: THE GAME.  If you’re reading this, you’ve already figured out the second part: I was the writer.  Even better, I wrote it with one of the show’s writers.  A TV series that actually cares about a game being in the show’s canon?  True transmedia? Madness! Next thing you know, it’ll be all the rage! At least on Syfy.

Here’s a brief description of the game story:

Something is not right in the City: While the Light and Dark Fae continue to focus on their bitter rivalry, an ancient power is stirring, a great evil that will stop at nothing to step foot again and wreak havoc on the earth, and only you can help stop it!

Lost Girl: The Game is a completely free mystery-style hidden object game based on the hit TV series Lost Girl. Making your way to the famed Dal Riata, a neutral ground and waystation for the supernatural creatures known as the Fae, you are drawn into a tale of intrigue and power.

LOST GIRL is not the first Canadian Syfy series I’ve written a game for. I acted as the first head writer for STARGATE WORLDS, the ill-fated MMOG based on the long-running Syfy series STARGATE SG-1. The Lost Girl game was a lot of fun to work on, because I got to read all the scripts, just like I did working on STARGATE WORLDS.

With STARGATE, DEFIANCE, and now LOST GIRL, which series do you think is next for a game adaptation?


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One response to “Writing LOST GIRL: THE GAME

  1. Congrats on landing a fun gig. And I think “Antique Roadshow” is ripe for adaptation as a simulation game. I’d play it.

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