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Gamification at Social Media Week!

Gamification may be a bad word, but the good word is that the IGDA-LA will be hosting an event on gamification and social media this Monday!  I’ll be moderating a panel of LA’s premiere gamification/serious games developers along with social media experts to discuss if it’s even possible to gamify social media.   We’re expecting a full house, so come on down to learn all you can, or follow on twitter at #smwgamify.  Here are the deets:

Is Gamification a Bad Word?: How to Incorporate Games in Your Social
Monday, September 23, 2013, at 7:30pm
Hosted by the International Game Developers Association Los Angeles, this conversation explores what gamification is and how social media mavens can use it to increase engagement. Is gamification just about adding contests and badges? Learn from real game developers what makes a game fun and how to implement game design techniques in social media. At the same time, what social media tricks can help game developers make games more social? Whether you’re a game developer or brand looking to expand your audience, or a social media manager looking to see what makes games great, this panel is a can’t miss.

Win swag! Whoever tweets the most links to this page with the hashtag #smwgamify will win 3 pieces of swag. Whoever gets the most retweets of their tweet will win 1 piece of swag! Prizes could range from t-shirts to keychains to strange doohickeys!  Winners will be announced at the event!

Need some sample tweets? We got you covered:
Come on down Sept 23 to Is Gamification a Bad Word? RSVP at #smwgamify @smwla @igdala
Learn how to gamify your social media on Sept 23.  RSVP at #smwgamify @smwla @igdala
Win prizes at Is Gamification a Bad Word? RSVp at and RT this to win! #smwgamify @smwla @igdala


David Mullich, Senior Producer, Say Design, @David_Mullich

Garick Chan, Digital Communications Manager, Satya Solutions, @ilovegarickLinkedIn

Sophia Viklund, Founder, BackCode, @backCode

Matthew Arevalo, Co-Founder, Loot Crate, @mattarevalo

Anne Toole, IGDA-LA Board Member, Moderator

920 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, 90401
Hope you can join us in person, or on twitter via #smwgamify!

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