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A Serious Prize: Tunnel Tail Game Wins!

Woot! A game I wrote for earned a Silver Medal at the 2013 International Serious Play Awards!  Tunnel Tail follows a group of mice as they struggle to overthrow the dark forces ready to take down both the mice and human worlds.  Naturally a true story (kidding), Tunnel Tail is more than a fantasy adventure, it has a serious component: helping combat addiction.  It’s an award I’m actually pretty proud of, considering that other award a project of mine won.

Although I work primarily in entertainment, you may not know that I also have a Skills Certificate in Chemical Dependency.  Thus, working on the project provided the perfect storm of creativity and knowledge.  My contribution ended up being “so integral to the learning component,” said a producer on the title.

The game has also been rated highly by players, so it can’t be all bad 😉  Check out the game for free! on iOS or Android.

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