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Got SF Pulp? Rocket Age: Prince’s Ransom drops today!

Your next adventure could by my latest adventure.  “A Prince’s Ransom,” an adventure I wrote for Cubicle 7’s Pulp RPG, Rocket Age, is available today.  Grab a few friends, some cheetos, and blast off for mystery and intrigue on Mars. Set in an alternate version of the 30s, Rocket Age earned itself a 5-star review. Here’s the official copy for the adventure:

The heir of Martian Prince Evos of Avat has been kidnapped and held ransom, risking disgrace and anarchy for the already unstable principality.

Our heroes are tasked with tracking down the kidnappers and rescuing the princeling – but all is not as it seems, and what started off as a simple rescue mission swiftly escalates into an interstellar corporate conspiracy.

Prince’s Ransom is a 20-page black and white PDF featuring a Rocket Age episode designed for four to six players by Anne Toole, illustrated by Paul Bourne, Scott Purdy and Jon Hodgson.

Cubicle 7 uses the Vortex system, which is the same as their Doctor Who RPG. See you on Mars!

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