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Comikaze Sunday unites Crystal Cadets & Lion Forge

Crystal Cadets will be joining the mother ship on a panel featuring all of Lion Forge’s titles, from Miami Vice to Punky Brewster.  In case you missed it, Lion Forge imprint Roar Comics’ newest venture, Crystal Cadets, came out earlier this month.  Buy it heeeere!  Or if you’re not yet sold, join us this Sunday at #Comikaze14 to learn more about awesome girls saving the world!  And some stories based on TV licenses 😉

Lion Forge Comics & IDW Publishing: Digital to Print and Beyond!
Date: Sunday
Time: 12:00pm
Room: Los Angeles Convention Center, 308AB
Panel Description: Join Lion Forge and Roar Comics creators as they discuss upcoming titles along with their recently announced print partnership with IDW publishing!

Moderator: Jonathan London
Panelists: Brandon Easton (Andre the Giant), Geoffrey Thorne (Knight Rider), Joelle Sellner (Wonderous, Saved By The Bell, Punky Brewster), Mairghread Scott (Sabre Riders), Anne Toole (Crystal Cadets), Rob Worley (Airwolf), Shannon Eric Denton (Editor-In-Chief of Lion Forge), Tom Pinchuk (Roboy)

See you on Sunday, or play the home game version by reading Crystal Cadets!

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Crystal Cadets comic launches today!

If magical girls in the vein of Sailor Moon sound entertaining to you, then you are in luck.  Crystal Cadets #1, first original comic book title from Roar Comics and Lion Forge, launches today on Amazon Kindle!  You can read it even if you don’t have a Kindle.  Crystal Cadets follows the story of Zoe, the shy new girl, who discovers she’s part of a long tradition of girls destined to fight the Darkness.  Adventure ensues!  I’m so excited to share this with everyone, and it’s been a lifelong dream to write a comic book series!  Drawn by the inimitable Katie O, colored by Paulina Ganucheau, lettered by Erika Terriquez, and written by me, this issue launches the series that we hope you will enjoy for the rest of its run! Get on board early and buy it here.

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Please share it with your friends, your daughters, your friends’ daughters.  You can also share it with whomever thumbs their noses at the notion of a target demo!  Check out additional sneak peek pages here.

What are your first impressions? Enquiring minds wanna know!

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