Pearl Cadet Showdown! Crystal Cadets #3 now available

Crystal Cadets #3

Just when you thought it was safe to give up reading digital comics, Crystal Cadets #3 premieres!  I wrote this magical girl comic series, which premiered in November, with a team of fabulous ladies, so hop right over to publisher Lion Forge’s site and check it out.

What’s next for our team of intrepid superheroes, you ask?

The Crystal Cadets must reach the new Pearl Cadet, before the Darkness does! Their search takes them to a skateboarding competition, where Emmy has been convincing all the athletes to cheat—powering the Darkness to attack the Cadets! Will they win over the Pearl Cadet in time?

In case you missed the first issues of Crystal Cadets, be sure to pick up Issue #1 and Issue #2.  Stay tuned for the next exciting installment in the new year!

And if you haven’t already, you can still pick up the print version of the GRIMM FAIRY TALE HOLIDAY EDITION in a comic store near you, for any adults in your life who like a good horror holiday tale.


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