Trail of the Scorpion launch and RPGnet chat tonight!

Rockets! Mars! Adventures! Get the inside scoop about what goes on in writing a pen & paper RPG adventure tonight, 5pm PST, at RPGnet.  This Q&A chat heralds the launch of Rocket Age: Trail of the Scorpion, a book offering a series of adventures for your Rocket Age characters.  I wrote A Prince’s Ransom, another more stand-alone adventure, earlier this year. Join Rocket Age line developer Ken Spencer, myself, and other writers of the Rocket Age adventures for a chat on making pulp science fiction a thing of the present.

Rocket Age: Trail of the Scorpion is a 6-adventure module that just launched, available in PDF or in print.  The Trail sends your heroes from Venus, to Earth, on to Mars, Ganymede, and finally to the moons of Saturn. Along the way they will discover and fight the machinations of the mysterious Red Scorpion crime syndicate and its shadowy leader. Hop on board for puzzles to solve, battles to win, chases, betrayals, and high adventure!

I wrote the fourth episode of this adventure series:

Sting of the Scorpion – Something bad is happening on Ganymede, and our heroes are sent to investigate. Their search for clues leads them from a Jovian Spaceways pleasure cruise, through the forests of Ganymede, and deep into the mysterious and dangerous black fog. What will they find inside, and what does this mean for the peace and security of all the planets in the Solar System?

Anne Toole takes us to Ganymede and entangles our heroes in a gripping, almost Bond-movie like ending. Good thing I wore a tux under my flight suit.” – Ken

Join us tonight, December 18th, at 5pm PST at RPGnet and pick up your Trial of the Scorpion PDF while you’re there!


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