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Now’s the time to pre-order the Crystal Cadets graphic novel!

If you enjoyed the eight digital issues of Crystal Cadets, now you can have your very own physical copy. Crystal Cadets (Volume 1), collecting all eight issues, is coming soon from IDW, and now’s your chance to pre-order as a holiday gift, or for yourself!  I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a good buy:

The charming, Studio Ghibli-esque adventure comes to us from writer Anne Toole and Tumblr superstar artist Katie O’Neill. Recalling both the fun of ‘80s Saturday morning cartoons and the thrill of the first manga explosion, Toole and O’Neill have updated all of that questing magic for today’s eager young readers.
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So how do you get your hands on it?

  1. Pre-order at your local comic shop!
    Speak with your local comic shop and request the Crystal Cadets trade paperback. The Diamond item code is: OCT150478. You can also fill out a Diamond request form for all the comics you want, but giving them the code should be sufficient. You can’t order directly from Diamond, unless you are a retailer.
  2. Pre-order at your local book store!
    Speak with your local book store and request the book! They will likely ask for this ISBN: 978-1-63140-431-3.
  3. Pre-order on Amazon
    If all else fails, or you have a gift card you’re dying to use, you can pre-order on Amazon here (affiliate link):

And if you scoff at the notion of a physical copy, you can still get all 8 issues digitally at Lion Forge’s site.

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