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Arne comes in! ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE continues

The music video of the song Annette and Arne co-wrote is now live! But I’m getting ahead of myself. The last two months of ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE have been chock-full of change, as Arne comes in. Annette may soon have to make a choice.

Leaving off from the previous list of episodes, here’s what you may have missed:

Episode 24

Do boys share? Annette told Henry the truth about his poems, then he went off with Graf. Have they been talking about them the whole day?

Episode 25

Annette comes back from a horrible date orchestrated by Maria and ends up spending the evening talking to Henry… who looks smitten.

Episode 26

Maria is convinced that Annette’s bust of a date actually went well, and she acts it out for our benefit.

Episode 27
Annette and Henry get a little revenge on Maria by messing around with her Arne poster.

Episode 28
Annette and Henry have a fight over music tickets, of all things, and Graf has to talk to Annette off-camera. What did he tell her…?

Episode 29
The fans called it! Graf did indeed propose to Maria, who said yes. She’s so happy, she’ll even invite grumpy Henry to the wedding.

Episode 30

TFW you’re listing everything you hate about Henry and then realize what you really feel. And then Henry’s got a big announcement.

Episode 31

Sometimes you don’t want to let go. Henry is leaving. Does Annette have the guts to tell him how she feels?

Episode 32
Annette resorts to poetry and tries on a sexy outlook, but her heart wanders back to Henry.

Episode 33
Maria says in her own charming way that Annette is better off. Henry is ugly and Annette deserves someone who is hot for her body and not just her brain.

Episode 34
Annette’s story got accepted by the Grimm Brothers! But she’s bummed she can’t celebrate with Henry. Maria must resort to drastic measures to cheer her up.

Episode 35
Annette must deal with a Bridezilla, Graf must try 10 kinds of cake, and somewhere in there, Annette learns of an interesting murder mystery…

Episode 36
Maria and Annette challenge each other to not mention the wedding or Henry. Guaranteed you will know the German word for wedding after watching this video.

Episode 37
Ruined! A flood has damaged Maria’s “prized possessions.” In the process of going through them, Annette discovers something surprising about Henry.

Episode 38

The drawback of a vlog? You can scour old footage for “proof” that Henry had feelings, too. Then, Annette makes a decision.

Episode 39
Henry hasn’t responded, and Jenny shows up to try to get her sister to move back home.

Episode 40
Someone new moves in! Annette is surprised when she finds out who it is.

Episode 41

Arne’s first full episode, in which he shares his dark backstory, and also he had a turtle 🙂

Episode 42
Henry responds!! But does it clear up anything?

Episode 43
Strip poker night and… isn’t Maria engaged to Graf?! Annette starts to feel invisible.

Episode 44
Annette procrastinates writing, earns a hug from Arne, but only has eyes for a turtle?

Episode 45
Arne’s badass musical talents and kindness are starting to win over Annette — and some of the fans, as they’re splitting into #arnette (Arne and Annette) and #henryette factions.

Episode 46
Maria wants Annette to go after Arne already, but Graf finds Arne a bit ridiculous. Trouble in paradise?

Episode 47
Annette and Arne get to know each other over cheese toast, until he says the wrong thing, and she tells him like it is.

Episode 48
Annette and Maria demonstrate how Arne embarrasses Annette at a dinner with the Grimms. Some barbies were harmed in the making of this video.

Episode 49
Annette is pretty sure there’s a killer in the house, and her last day will be spent licking Maria’s invitations. What the noise actually is, however…

Episode 50

Episode 50! Featuring my favorite line: “You think I’m afraid of Graf? Have you SEEN his socks?” Things come to a head between Graf and Arne.

Episode 51
Arne proposes something that makes Annette uncomfortable. Also, Graf says something that leaves everyone temporarily speechless.

Episode 52
Annette grapples with inane feedback from the Grimms, while Maria enlists Annette to practice for a local interview about living with Arne. But who is interviewing whom?

Episode 53

Kyuuute episode. They play truth or dare. What does Arne dare Annette to do?

Episode 54
Annette finally writes a song with Arne… and tells him about Henry.

Episode 55
Annette gets frustrated with the feedback she gets from the Grimms and ends up in an argument with Maria. This spawned quite a discussion on who was being meaner, Maria or Annette. What do you think?

Episode 56
Annette is too self-conscious to record their song, so she and Arne mess around to loosen her up. Maybe he’s a good (business) partner after all.

Episode 57

Annette has spent far too much time with Arne working on this song and the video — it’s almost over! But of course, Arne has to weigh in on editing the video, too. Maybe she doesn’t mind so much?

Episode 58
Annette tries a pro and con list on living with Maria, but she’s officially torn between Henry and Arne.

Episode 59

Annette is filming Maria and Graf’s wedding video when Graf reveals a secret about Henry.

Episode 60

Annette and Arne’s music video is now live! Give the song a listen!

Even if you don’t know German, you can watch most of these episodes by turning on Closed Captioning and changing the Youtube settings to auto-translate. You can also follow along on their social media sites and use the magic of Google translate:
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Annette’s Tumblr: https: //allesliebeannette.tumblr. com /
Maria’s Instagram: https: // …
Arne’s Instagram:
Graf’s Instagram:
Jenny’s Instagram: https: // …

Enjoy and spread the word about ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE to all your German-speaking friends!

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