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Alternate history on the Mississippi

American history. Just entirely different. The ALTERED STATES OF THE UNION anthology explores how the US might have turned out with a few details changed. Inside, you’ll find a short story by me set in the 1800s, entitled “Lions on the Mississippi.”

Taking a steamboat through a sovereign Indian nation on the Mississippi, William meets an enigmatic woman afraid for her safety. But when their journey comes to a halt, William realizes not all is as he believed.

But my story is one of many by great authors. Here’s the blurb for the rest of the anthology:

What if Lincoln governed America in enemy territory? The United States annexed Persia? North Alaska and South Alaska went to war? Los Angeles spread across the world? Kansas disappeared in a cloud of dust? If you thought America was strange this year, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Join us as our all-star roster of science fiction and fantasy authors explore the frontiers of over a score of different lands in ALTERED STATES OF THE UNION. With stories by Russ Colchamiro, Peter David, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald, Brendan DuBois, Malon Edwards, G.D. Falksen, Michael Jan Friedman, David Gerrold, Robert Greenberger, Alisa Kwitney, Gordon Linzner, Sarah McGill, Meredith Peruzzi, Mackenzie Reide, Aaron Rosenberg, David Silverman & Hildy Silverman, Ian Randal Strock, Ramon Terrell, Anne Toole, and Glenn Hauman as editor.

Still not sure if this book’s for you? Check out this thorough review of each story in the anthology, or head on over to preview it on Amazon.

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Mad Scientist flash fiction now live!

Science!  If you’ve ever wanted to become a mad scientist, then check out the latest Mad Scientist Journal.  Within this Summer 2013 issue, you’ll find many tales of wonderment for the mad scientist in you, as well as a short piece of flash fiction from yours truly.  Yes, that’s slightly redundant, but I’m mad, mad, I tell you!  Enjoy this lovely digital issue at Smashwords, Amazon, or B&N.

And just to give this post a little more meat, the charity anthology Love and Other Distractions: An Anthology by 14 Hollywood Writers
is currently ranked #1 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Anthologies & Literary Collections > Short Stories!  It can be yours for $.99, with proceeds going to Kids Need to Read.  Enjoy!


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Get some love and donate to charity, too!

Love to read? Love to encourage reading? Love love? Then check out Love and Other Distractions, a charity anthology with proceeds going to Kids Need to Read.  I contributed a fantasy short story to the collection, and I’m joined by a host of other authors who have also worked in Hollywood.  While love is the theme, the collection boasts just about every genre, from contemporary romance, to humor, to horror, and back again.  Click here for a logline of the stories, or head over to Amazon to buy it.  And if you’re not in love with getting it on Amazon, check out the host of other places you can buy it, either as an eBook or a physical book.  

The idea for the anthology was born when a group of Hollywood writers wanted to put something in print for a change.  Fourteen of us donated these stories, and, with a foreword from Hugh Howey, it all came together.  The best part, of course, is ALL of the proceeds go to Kids Need to Read, which “works to create a culture of reading for children by providing inspiring books to underfunded schools, libraries, and literacy programs across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children.”  So if that sounds good to you — and why wouldn’t it? — click on over to Love and Other Distractions now!


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NPR recommends: Missing Links & Secret Histories!

MissingLinksIf you’ve ever wondered what stories the great works of literature didn’t tell, you’ll want to check out a new anthology: MISSING LINKS AND SECRET HISTORIES: A Selection of Wikipedia Entries from Across the Known Multiverse, edited by L. Timmel Duchamp.  It features the secret histories of such works as Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” and Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness.”  You won’t be surprised to find my own contribution, “The Secrets of Flatland,” revealing the machinations of the Circles and their secret band of assassins. I was inspired by my reading of Flatland in junior high math class, of all things.  Most exciting of all, however, is the fact that NPR listed it as one of its top five summer reads for science fiction/fantasy, right next to Neil Gaiman’s THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE, which I’m definitely going to read.

Check out the MISSING LINKS AND SECRET HISTORIES anthology today, and feel free to share your thoughts below. If you could write a secret Wiki article on a great work of literature, what would it be?

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Write a book; watch a book

Ever wanted to write a book? Next month is your chance to do so! It’s Nanowrimo, aka National Novel Writing Month, where writers all over the world craft a 50,000-word bio. If this is your first time or your 8th (like me), I gave a few tips to the Book Goodies podcast on how to face down that word count like a pro.

But if you’re not in the mood to write a book, why not watch one? Lizzie Bennet Diaries aired two episodes this week written by this woman, Anne Toole — maybe you’ve heard of her. If you missed my previous episodes or my first post on it, LBD is a modern-day adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, delivered twice a week to Youtube.

Episode 57: Weirded Out: Lizzie thinks Darcy is acting strangely.

Episode 58: Care Packages: Fitz drops a disturbing truth bomb on Lizzie.

Can you guess where we are in the book?

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Got fantasy? “Red Bandit” short story is up!

If you’re feeling a little low in the fantasy department, fuel up with the Red Bandit, my short story published today from Hell Creek Sanitarium.  A librarian’s quiet night in the state library turns upside down when a man takes her captive, intent on stealing a magical tome, even if he has to burn down the entire library along with her.  If you enjoy fantasy, action, romance, and a lot of books, check it out at Drivethrufiction or Paizo.  Kindle and other versions will be available “soon.”

However, if you’re more of a fan of general speculative fiction, why not sponsor me or one of the writers for the Clarion West Write-a-thon.  Using PayPal, you can give as little or as much as you wish, and the money goes toward Clarion West, a non-profit dedicated to furthering speculative fiction.

Are you doing the write-a-thon this year?  Feel free to share your link, too!


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Podcasts galore! Writing for prose, writing for games

Curious about Clarion West?  Game writing?  Rabid wombats?  I could answer your questions on two of them, but now I don’t need to.  Two podcasts came out in March, one featuring an interview about my experience at Clarion West, a 6-week spec fiction writing workshop, and the second, an interview on game writing from a couple years ago.  Get your questions ready, listen, then come back.  Did I miss anything?  Any questions burning a hole in your brain?

Check out Get Published: Episode 78 – Anne Toole and Clarion West and also learn a few unorthodox writing tips.

Check out Power Button presents Kombo Breaker for some exciting game writing conversation! Hyperbole FTW!

And just so the wombats don’t feel left out…

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