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IGDA Summit: Create your advisory board!

Feeling challenged in your game industry career?  Sounds like you need an advisory board!  Join me at the IGDA Summit this week for a brief presentation on how to create your own personal advisory board, and how it can help you clear those hurdles in your career.  Here are the details:

Create your own personal advisory board
Wednesday, July 31st, 15:00 – 15:20, Sunset
Presenter: Anne Toole

Businesses benefit from having a Board of Advisors, and individuals should be no different. Working with multiple mentors can help professionals bridge the gap between where their education left off and where their skills need to be focused in order to reach their professional goals. Whether climbing the corporate ladder, starting their own business, or freelancing, this session will assist attendees in identifying mentors for each area of their lives and create their own personal Board of Advisors. This Board can help with life and career transitions, improving and developing skills, and reaching professional goals. Attendees will also get a step by step guide for enlisting mentors and creating and maintaining a mentoring relationship. Finally, they will discover how becoming a mentor will improve leadership and management skills.

Afterwards, we will have a huge party.  Actually, I’m not kidding — there are plenty of fun events at the IGDA Summit/Casual Connect, so come on down, say hi, and then let’s enjoy the evening!


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