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Update: San Diego Comic-con panels, streaming and signing!

cci_logoMore panels! A signing! If you’re going to Comic-con — and even if you’re not — you have more chances to learn about writing, hear news from Comic-con, and pick up a kewl comic. Here’s what I’ll be doing:

Comic-con HQ Streaming Panel
Thursday, July 21st, 3-4pm
Log on to Comic-con HQ (free) and watch a panel of industry pros, including me, discuss the latest news coming out of Comic-con!

Writing for the Computer Gaming Industry
Friday, July 22nd, 5-6pm, Room 9
Add this panel to your schedule, or check out more deets here.

Signing Crystal Cadets!
Sunday, July 24th, 11am-noon, Lion Forge booth 2300
I’ll be live in person signing promotional materials for the Crystal Cadets graphic novel¬†(hopefully they can get the second printing in time). Rumor has it I’ll be joined by the artist, Katie O’Neill. Fingers crossed!

Come on down and say hi, or catch me streaming on the interwebs!


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All-ages comics at Long Beach Comic Expo


Just when you thought it was safe… I’ll be speaking at Long Beach Comic Expo, tomorrow, Saturday, at Long Beach Comic Expo! Join me and other fine creators as we discuss the ins and outs of creating all ages comics. I’ll be speaking on Crystal Cadets, which I’m sure you know all about ūüėČ We’ll see you tomorrow!

What: All Ages Comics Panel
When: Saturday, February 20, 2016, 4:40-5:30pm
Where: LBCE, Creator’s Lab S5
Who: Me!
Agnes Garbowska (My Little Pony)
Mike Kunkel (Shoestring Benny)
Eric M. Esquivel (Adventure Time, Nickelodeon Magazine)
Beth Scorzato, Moderator

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Tomorrow! Crystal Cadets from IDW comes to print!


Back cover

The wait is over! Tomorrow the digital comic magical girl series I wrote, CRYSTAL CADETS, is coming to print. Consider it a verrrrrry last minute holiday gift for the young reader in your life. Check out the preview at Bleeding Cool. The 128-page book is full of action and wonderful art, so it’ll be hard to be disappointed. But don’t just listen to me, listen to people like you:

“This series is so cute!! I would say this is a good mixture of a number of things ‚ÄďSailor Moon,¬†The Prophecy of the Stones, and many other girl focused super power team-ups.”

The Book Ramble

“It felt like a breeze of fresh air and a good change after all the super heroes/very serious reads. I would definitely recommend you guys check this out!”

Cat’s Shelf

I know you planned ahead and ordered the trade paperback back in September.¬†In case you can’t find it at your local comic shop, you can still order it online via Amazon. And if you hate dead trees, the digital versions are still yours for the taking!

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Crystal Cadets finale out now!

You’ve been with us since the beginning (right?).¬† You’ve watched Zoe grow from being the new girl, to becoming the leader of an international group of girls with magical powers.¬† Now see how it all ends with the finale issue, Crystal Cadets #8!¬† In this issue, discover a surprise connection between Emmy and one of Zoe’s friends!¬† Can the Cadets win when they’re short one cadet, or will Emmy finally meet her match?

Check out a preview of Crystal Cadets #8, or run on over and get your digital copy now!  You can catch up on all the previous issues here.Crystal Cadets #8

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LA Times Festival of Books Signing Saturday!

Join other comics creators and me at the annual LA Times Festival of Books this Saturday at USC! Come down, enjoy the books, and get your comics on while you’re at it! I’ll be signing Crystal Cadets stickers and issues of Grimm Fairy Tales Holiday Edition at 11am at the Geoffrey Comics at Hi De Ho booth, #928. Be sure to stay for the other awesome indie creators, including my pal Dani Dixon, who’ll be signing her comic 13 right after me!

LA Times Festival of Books
Saturday, April 18th, 11am
Geoffrey’s Comics at Hi De Ho, Booth 928

See you then!

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Signing at Wonderkahn!

Wondercon is this weekend, and if you’ll be there, you can find me signing at the Lion Forge booth, 401, from 2-3pm on Saturday. ¬†Allegedly, I will be signing preview PRINT copies of magical girl comic Crystal Cadets. ¬†But this could be just an ugly rumor. ¬†Here is my only clue:

Will there be preview copies? If you’re feeling adventurous, come join me at 2pm on Saturday and find out.

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Where’s the Sapphire Cadet? Find out in Crystal Cadets #4

The quest to find all the Crystal Cadets continues, as Zoe, Jasmine, and the gang head out to Puerto Rico to find the Sapphire Cadet.  But as their ranks grow, will they be able to stick together?  Download Crystal Cadets #4 here.  CystalCadets4

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