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NBA Live 2019 is Live!

Image result for nba live 19 cover athleteWriting knows no boundaries. Today, my writing appears in EA’s latest installment of the NBA franchise with the launch of NBA Live 2019! I wrote scripts as well as interactive text dialog, along with C.J. Kershner, another fantastic writer. I was super excited to work with such a talented team of devs on my first pure sports game! Available for XB1 and PS4, you can buy it right now. Check it out. Play. Become the One.

Here’s how EA describes it:

NBA LIVE 19 redefines the way you play. With Real Player Motion and 1v1 Everywhere, a head-to-head gameplay feature, you’ll have unprecedented levels of control on every possession. Pursue basketball glory with the freedom to create your path in The League and The Streets, and chart your own hoops journey with the return of THE ONE.

And a little bit on how Polygon describes it:


My exploits in The One were wrapped with a fictitious social media presentation that’s the best I’ve seen since sports video games started faking tweets about five years ago.

See you on the court!

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Write this: ESPN Sports Bar is live!

Like games?  Like sports?  Don’t like either, but want to hang out with your friends and a group of fun characters on Facebook?  Like it when I start blog posts with a string of rhetorical questions?  Then get ready: ESPN Sports Bar went live on Wednesday!  Someone you know (hint: It’s not your mother) wrote the story and dialog for the newest game from Playdom.

ESPN Sports Bar allows you to build a bar affiliated with your favorite team and tune in to “live” games on ESPN (Check out a Gamezebo preview here).  You’ll also enjoy Cheers-like camaraderie with your staff and regulars… oh, and your real friends, too.  Check it out now so you can thoroughly trounce them with your awesome bar!

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