Ever wanted to own a piece of me? Now you can!

Follow the links to buy games I have written for and TV shows I have worked on. Insert fabulous sales pitch here!


Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing, 2008
Writing for Video Game Genres, 2009
Find these and more at Amazon!


Download Wizard 101 (PC)
A fantasy MMO in the vein of Harry Potter that keeps growing and growing. It’s free to play in the first zone!

Download The Witcher (PC)
Check out the Writers Guild-nominated dark fantasy RPG that earned Best RPG in 2007.  Download the enhanced edition with full dialog and new voice-over on Steam!

Download Zoo Vet (PC)
The first of the series! 5-star rated winner of 2005 Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review, 2005 Best of Category Award from Horizon Interactive

Download Farm Vet (PC)
IParenting Media Award

Download Pet Pals: Animal Doctor (PC)

Buy Pet Pals: Animal Doctor (Wii)

Download Pet Pals: New Leash on Life (PC)
Parents Choice Foundation 2009 Gold Award


Days of our Lives paraphernalia

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