Television drama

“You can never have too much comedy in a drama.”
– attributed to Les Moonves, President and CEO of CBS Television

Prizewinner in Writers’ Digest Competition
An accusation of molestation pits Sean and Christian against each other.

West Wing
Semi-finalist in the Disney Writers Fellowship
On the eve of a summit in Japan , a crisis on the Mexican-American border may cause the president to lose out on his international economic initiative.

Hour long original pilot. An irreverent look into a family of Russians, a group of Queers, and one surly waitress as they seek their place in the quirky world of West Hollywood. QUEER AS FOLK meets DAWSON’S CREEK.

A dead body in a casino leads Warrick on a treacherous journey as he remembers the lure of gambling addiction. Catherine reunites with her old archaeology professor when she must deal with a mummy burial.

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Buffy must battle the forces of evil in the guise of a pop band while studying for exams.

Days of our Lives
Script aired November 22, 2004 (c) Corday Productions.


“Aristotle listed five elements of drama: plot, style, setting, theme, and characterization. It’s the last two that aren’t well served by the data-intensive designer.”
-Andrew Rollings and David Morris, Game Architecture and Design

Additional writing samples from produced games available upon request.  What games have I worked on?  Check out the store!

Zoo Vet 3D
Sample Cases

Character dialog for veterinarians at a zoo.


Batman (view doc)
A classic murder mystery set in the Wayne Manor.

Meadowsweet (view doc)
A short adventure ensues when Russian partisans infiltrate a German holding prison.


The Balloon (view pdf)
A storyboard-written short animation about a man’s quest to impress a MILF. Rated G or PG. Note: This was drawn by me in pencil, so venture forward at your own risk.

Luv (view pdf)
A storyboard-written short animation about a jewel heist, love, and other crimes. Rated PG13 or possibly R for cartoon violence.  Note: This was drawn by me in pencil (with some background assist), so venture forward at your own risk.

Men in Black
While malevolent creatures stalk her, Jay must escort a beautiful alien visitor with a predilection for his archenemy: the Yankees. .fdr

Short Film

A pre-teen comedy features a boy who returns from science camp to find his farm has been visited by aliens and a distant cousin named Betsy.


Excerpt from NaNoWriMo novel.


Writing Across Game Platforms: Pirates of the Caribbean

Writers Cabal blog on GDC

Genre Series Popular in 2007-8 TV Season

Interview with Jeffrey Donovan, TOUCHING EVIL (no longer hosted)

For the Birds: Interview with the stars of WB’s BIRDS OF PREY

Producers Guild Panel on Game Development

NATPE: Where Content is King

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