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ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE series official selection at Baltimore & Rio Webfests

large20size_8The series I created, ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE, will be showing at Baltimore New Media Web Festival this weekend, under its English title, LOVE, ANNETTE. The fest goes on all weekend, but make sure you’re there Sunday to catch the viewing, hopefully with English subtitles.

WHEN: Sunday, November 5 at 2pm
WHERE: Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, Maryland

You can buy tickets for the two-day event here. I’d attend myself if I weren’t speaking elsewhere this weekend. If you go, please let me know how it went! And if you can’t make it this time around, the Rio Webfest chose ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE for their webfest in mid-November. In case you were planning to be in Rio ūüôā


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Decision time! ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE webseries continues

ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE, the German webseries I created, swung into full gear this month. Annette has gotten to know both Henry and Arne, and now she has to make a decision. But will it come out as she expects?

Check out the first episodes here and the episodes leading up to last month, before you launch into what’s been happening this month:

Episode 61

Arne is thrilled with all the comments on his music video, ignoring Annette’s misgivings. Then he gives her something she didn’t ask for.


Episode 62

Jenny comes over to lure Annette home. Do Jenny and Maria have a mutual dislike?


Episode 63

The lights go out, Annette and Arne are left alone… he starts telling a ghost story… and then…

Episode 64

Annette wants to talk about something serious, while Arne has a question of his own.


Episode 65

Maria’s up to no good, as she asks for love advice from Arne, who only wants to talk about Annette.


Episode 66

Annette is not sure who’s best for her, then gets an email from Henry saying he’s looking forward to see her, in not so many words.


Episode 67

Arne takes Maria’s advice and gives Annette something to remember. What does she give him in return?


Episode 68

Arne lays it all out in the aftermath of his love song.


Episode 69

Annette may not be sure, but 200 comments says the fans have chosen their guy! After Arne’s ultimatum, Annette is torn between Arne and Henry, and gets a little assist from Maria.


Episode 70

Maria gets into a fight with Graf, and turns to Annette for solace.


Episode 71

Annette’s made her decision! And not all the fans are happy about it. Who has she chosen?


Episode 72

BOOM! Bombshell dropped. Maria’s been a bad, bad girl. But she’s not alone.

Episode 73

Double bombshell as Arne reappears… as does Henry.

Episode 74

She’s lost everyone, but she’s going to keep vlogging. #teamannette!

Remember, even if you don’t know German, you can watch by turning on Closed Captioning and changing the Youtube settings to auto-translate. You can also follow along on their social media sites and use the magic of Google translate:

https: //www.facebook.com/AllesLiebeAn …

https: //www.instagram.com/allesliebea …

Annette’s Tumblr: https: //allesliebeannette.tumblr. com /

Maria’s Instagram: https: //www.instagram.com/mariahaxtha …

Arne’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nurarne/

Graf’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realgraf/

Jenny’s Instagram: https: //www.instagram.com/jennyhuelsh …

Enjoy and spread the word about ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE to all your German-speaking friends!

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Henry comes in & ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE continues

The webseries I created, ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE, has been streaming on Youtube for over a month and a half! Check out this resume of the first episodes if you haven’t seen them yet. The series, developed for German broadcaster MDR and Funk, cracked 15,000 subscribers this month with the introduction of Henry, who at first completely forgot he’d met Annette and ends up… well, it’s still in progress ūüėČ

If you can understand German, take a gander at the episodes that premiered in the last month:

Episode 7
Her sister Jenny is literally at the point of strangling her, so Annette, fed up, announces she’s moving out to stay with Maria. And so it begins…

Episode 8
Annette moves in with Maria… but it’s not all fun and dancing.

Episode 9
Annette should be writing, but she’s looking through online dating profiles instead.

Episode 10
Annette has yet to write anything at Maria’s. I wonder why…

Episode 11
It’s happening! Annette meets Henry (again), who doesn’t remember her from the Arne concert way back in ep 4.

Episode 12
Henry still doesn’t remember Annette, but he’s figured out there’s a vlog.

Episode 13
Annette and Maria talk smack about Henry, and he overhears. Awkward.

Episode 14
Henry calls Annette Maria’s puppet. Annette hits the beer.

Episode 15
Annette practices music to prove to Henry she’s not Maria’s puppet. Plus, first Arne video!

Episode 16
The gang have a farewell party for Maria’s free time,now that her family’s arranged a job for her at the Grimms. Looks like the only ones really unhappy are Maria… and Henry.

Episode 17
Maria’s sleeping in her work clothes, while Annette plays with a new story, though Henry is still on her mind…

Episode 18
Annette doesn’t get a great review on her story, so she turns to Henry to help her revise…

Episode 19
Annette gets a mountain of notes from Henry, and Maria entertains herself by giving her a strange hairstyle.

Episode 20
OMG, so cute together! No need to summarize the episode, the title is enough: “No more showers and naked running around” ha!

Episode 21
Annette gets a good review — and now Henry is nervous about asking her for feedback on his writing.

Episode 22
Double date & naked? Annette goes on a double date, and somewhere in there is a live model drawing class.

Episode 23
Henry’s poems are terrible; Annette doesn’t know how to tell him. Maria, however, would have no problem.

As always, if you don’t know German, you can still follow along on their social media sites and use the magic of Google translate:
https: //www.facebook.com/AllesLiebeAn …
https: //www.instagram.com/allesliebea …

Annette’s Tumblr: https: //allesliebeannette.tumblr. com /
Maria’s Instagram: https: //www.instagram.com/mariahaxtha …
Arne’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nurarne/
Graf’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realgraf/
Jenny’s Instagram: https: //www.instagram.com/jennyhuelsh …

Enjoy and spread the word about ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE to all your German-speaking friends!

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Friendship, betrayal, and webseries: Trailer live!

It’s here! The trailer for ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE, the dramedy webseries I created, went live just a few days ago. The story follows¬†Annette, a young woman with big dreams, just as she decides to write her way out of the little town she grew up in. While she’s planning to study abroad, her best friend and co-conspirator Maria thinks it’s high time she acquire a boyfriend. What ensues involves two men, a rockstar, the brothers Grimm, and a great, big lie. Based on the shocking¬†true story of one of Germany’s literary greats, ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE (All my Love, Annette)¬†explores¬†friendship, betrayal, and¬†the dark side of the internet.

Check out the trailer below, and like the Facebook page here. ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE premieres auf Deutsch December 6th!

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Shipping characters and writing comics at SFCC – San Francisco Comic Con

Comic-con isn’t over, at least not in San Francisco. If you’ll be heading out to San Francisco Comic-con to see the likes of Jenna Coleman or Trina Robbins, come check out these panels on Saturday while you’re at it. I’ll be speaking on both!

Saturday, September 3, 2016
10:30-11:30am, Pacific A
Bringing together passionate “shippers,” and writers, our panel will explore the reasons we ‘ship, why it matters, and how it affects the properties we love. After drawing 4.5 million votes in this year’s TV Couples March Madness Challenge, we at Zimbio know that many of the most vocal fans in TV, movies, and comics, are shippers. Following the controversial death of Lexa on the¬†100, this topic has never been more relevant. We will be joined by other fan writers in an interactive discussion on how ‘shipping changes the nature of the media we consume.

Saturday, September 3, 2016
1:30-2:30pm, Foothill E
There is more to comics than great art! A panel of women writers of comics and books discuss their craft. This panel features Trina Robbins, Dani Colman, Anne Toole, and Serena Valentino.

So come on over and share your favorite ‘ships, and find out about upcoming comics from a panel of awesome lady writers. See you there!

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From Views to VR: Digital Story at the WGA

If you’re interested in webseries, VR, and all the glories that digital storytelling has in store, join me and other great panelists next week at the Writers Guild. I’ll be discussing writing for digital webseries like Emmy-winning LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES, writing for video games such as THE WITCHER, and writing for VR projects (project announcements forthcoming!). The event is open to all.



Tue, August 16, 2016
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

WGA Headquarters, 7000 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

The ever-expanding digital landscape has created more opportunities for writers than ever before. YouTube has grown into a platform for filmmakers, comedians, and brands to air self-produced webisodes and web series. The video game industry has embraced and incorporated more narrative and cinematic elements to games. And virtual and augmented reality is the next frontier waiting to be conquered and scripted.

This panel addresses the various paths to a career in storytelling within the digital space. From writing webisodes to VR simulations, our panelists share their experiences creating content for new and emerging mediums and what lessons they’ve learned in often unchartered territory.

Moderator: Richie Solomon
Anne Toole
Dean Orion
John Zuur Platten
Evette Vargas

All are welcome. Proceeds for the event go towards the Writers Guild Foundation to support the Foundation library and other programs. Click here for tickets!

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Story 360: Speaking on transmedia in Singapore

In case you didn’t get your fill of transmedia at last month’s NAB ¬†talk, I’ll be speaking on transmedia and webseries next week in Singapore for Transmedia SG 2013. ¬†Wondering how transmedia can up your engagement? ¬†Curious how technology can offer you transmedia gold? ¬†Then check out these sessions if you happen to be in Singapore!


Day 1, May 28th, 2013

Moderator: Christine Weatherup, Producer, Writer, Actress
Matt Enlow, Creator, ‚ÄúSquaresville‚ÄĚ
Anne Toole, Writer / Game Writer / Aurthor
Marco Sparmberg, Transmedia Evangelist / Award-winning emerging media producer

Day 2, May 29th, 2013

Anita Ondine, Transmedia Producer / Creative Director, TransmediaNext
Anne Toole, Writer / Game Writer / Author
Siobhan O’Flynn, Transmedia storytelling consultant at NarrativeNow; pluscitydesign.com

Come on down and join the fun. ¬†And if you won’t be enjoying the humidity in Singapore, feel free to ask your burning transmedia questions in the comments below!

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