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Webseries official selection this weekend at Baltimore Webfest

large20size_8The series I created, ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE, will be showing at Baltimore New Media Web Festival this weekend, under its English title, LOVE, ANNETTE. The fest goes on all weekend, but make sure you’re there Sunday to catch the viewing, hopefully with English subtitles.

WHEN: Sunday, November 5 at 2pm
WHERE: Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, Maryland

You can buy tickets for the two-day event here. I’d attend myself if I weren’t speaking elsewhere this weekend. If you go, please let me know how it went! And if you can’t make it this time around, the Rio Webfest chose ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE for their webfest in mid-November. In case you were planning to be in Rio 🙂


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Speaking on Game Writing: China and Mexico edition

Game writing has been top of mind this week, as I spoke about fitting writers into the game development process first at WePlay China, and later today at Gamacon in Mexico. If you happen to be in Mexicali today, November 2nd, I’ll be speaking at 2pm, along with other such luminaries:Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, text

If you’re not able to make either presentation, check out one of my exquisite, awe-inspiring slides from WePlay in Shanghai.

You don’t need to see what I look like. Unless you do. I was also honored to present the award for Narrative Excellence at WePlay:

Anne Toole presenting Narrative Excellence award to Detention at WePlay China 2017

The award went to Detention, which I haven’t played yet, but it looks awesome.

Hope to see you in Mexicali, or at the next conference!


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Halloween Special, Grimm Fairy Tales edition

Two books this month from Zenescope! In honor of Halloween, Zenescope has unleashed Grimm Fairy Tales 2017 Halloween Special, written by me with art from several artist teams. This time, you get to join Mary Medina as she goes on a haunted tour in New Orleans where the ghosts may turn out to be a little more than just urban legends!

A bunch of preview pages can be found here and a review here. After you check it out, you can also take a gander at my other book from Zenescope this month, Dance of the Dead #1. Let me know what you think!
Grimm Fairy Tales 2017 Halloween Special Mary Medina Mystere Ghost Spooky Halloween Comic Book Cover Art

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Writing Zenescope’s Dance of the Dead #1

It’s New Comic Book Day, and my latest for Zenescope is here! I’m writing their Dance of the Dead five-ish mini-series featuring Mystere and Jasmine, and the first issue is out right now!

Synopsis: The Shadowlands are a dark and mysterious place, filled with the most evil creatures that have ever haunted mankind’s imagination. Now Mary Medina (Mystere) finds herself trapped there with no means of an escape, lured by a powerful enemy into a dance with the dead.

Those familiar with the Grimm Fairy Tales universe will recognize our main characters, but even if you’ve never picked up one of their books, you can dive right in with this first issue. Feel free to check out a preview of the comic and variant covers here or pick it up at your local comic shop. You can also read a review that’s already up at Fandom Post.

I’m looking at proofs for the second issue right now 🙂 If you’ve read the first, feel free to drop a comment below!


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Writing for games and breaking in at Long Beach Comic Con

If you are interested in writing for games, or how to break into writing, Long Beach Comic Con had the panels for you this month.

For the “Writing for Video Games: the Real Behind the Virtual” panel, I joined Tony Bedard (Agents of Mayhem), Jon Callan (Survios), Shawn Kittelsen (Injustice 2), and John Nee (Cryptozoic) to discuss the trials and tribulations of writing games, and how it differs from other media. You can check out a short write-up here.

“Writing for Video Games” panel at Long Beach Comic-Con

Afterwards, I joined Brandon Easton (Agent Carter) and Geoffrey Thorne (Librarians) on “The Writer’s Journey: Breaking in and Managing a Career in Hollywood.” Brandon puts on this panel at Comic-con, Wondercon, and LBCC, so you know it’s bound to be good. He gave people good advice on best books to read, including WRITING THE TV DRAMA, and WRITERS ON COMICS SCRIPTWRITING. I may have to check those out myself.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing

“The Writer’s Journey” panel at Long Beach Comic-con

Did you get a chance to attend either panel? If you did, drop a comment and share the best thing you learned!

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ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE webseries concludes!

100 episodes. 2.6 million views. Thousands of comments. It was such a great ride. So happy that people liked ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE, and that Youtube has google translate. ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE, the German webseries I created, concluded this month. Eager to find out what happened with Annette, Maria, Henry, and Arne? Fortunately, I’ve got the synopses for you in English.

Not caught up? Check out the first episodes here, the second batch of episodes, and the penultimate list of episodes here. All set? Here’s how it all played out:

Episode 75

Jenny urges Annette to delete the illicit videos, but Annette doesn’t want to give Maria the satisfaction.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Episode 76

Annette has to go into the Grimms and tries her best to avoid Maria and ends up in an awkward situation.

Episode 77

The lights go out, Annette and Arne are left alone… he starts telling a ghost story… and then…

Image may contain: 1 person

Episode 78

Graf comes over to return some items, and Annette insists she’s over Maria and asks about… Henry.

Episode 79

Arne’s back! Sort of. He gives an interview where he denies he had deep feelings for Annette, and also implies that there was another reason he was with her.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, phone and indoor

Episode 80

Annette is now convinced everything Arne did and said was a lie set up by Maria, calling him a poor man’s Orlando Bloom!

Episode 81

Annette has a dream of two Marias!

Episode 82

Jenny kicks ass. She backs up Annette who’s trying to take down all copies of the improper video that’s been released in the wild. But there’s one copy she won’t take down…

Episode 83

Jenny pulls herself out of her comfort zone and Annette out of her funk. Annette’s reminded she’s had a sister all along…

Episode 84

Annette struggles to write a letter to Henry, then gets a mysterious Skype call.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor

Episode 85

Jenny thinks Annette should either call Maria or let her go. What does Annette think?

Episode 86

Annette finally sends a video to address the elephant not in the room: Maria. Why did she do what she did?

Image may contain: 1 person

Episode 87

Maria replies! She’s been bored out of her mind without Annette. Can they get back together?

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, living room and indoor

Episode 88

The Grimms have published Annette and Jenny’s fairy tale. Is Annette now done with vlogging?

Episode 89

Henry replied!! And he wants to meet! Has he forgiven her?

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Episode 90

The Grimms make a mess of Annette’s story, while she gets ready to go meet Henry.

Episode 91

Henry is back and #teamhenry is on fire! Henry admits everything he’s done wrong, including believing Maria.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting

Episode 92

Henry finds Annette out, and Jenny takes the opportunity to interrogate him about his “story” regarding Arne.

Episode 93

Annette and Henry’s relationship seems to be going well. Except they haven’t kissed!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Episode 94

Annette is happy! Who knew this was a thing? She’s been offered a job, everything is easy with Henry, and best of all, she doesn’t have to participate in Maria’s wedding planning.

Episode 95

Jenny passed her bar exam, and Annette threw her a party. Henry and Annette are getting along great… and then her and Arne’s song comes on…

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, stripes and indoor

Episode 96

Arne has written a new song, and Henry catches Annette listening to it.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

Episode 97

Graf called off the wedding! But is Annette ready to forgive Maria?

Episode 98

Arne’s got a letter for Annette that Henry doesn’t want her to have. What’s going on?

Episode 99

Annette shares what happened with Henry. What’s next for Annette?

Episode 100

Last episode! Annette has packed and says goodbye to everyone who had an impact on her, one way or another, and Maria has one more surprise.

Thank you for everything!

Congrats to the cast and crew, and thanks to everyone and the fans for a great run!

Remember, even if you don’t know German, you can watch by turning on Closed Captioning and changing the Youtube settings to auto-translate. You can also follow along on their social media sites and use the magic of Google translate:

https: // …

https: // …

Annette’s Tumblr: https: //allesliebeannette.tumblr. com /

Maria’s Instagram: https: // …

Arne’s Instagram:

Graf’s Instagram:

Jenny’s Instagram: https: // …

Enjoy and spread the word about ALLES LIEBE, ANNETTE to all your German-speaking friends!

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Video Game Writing panel at Comic-con

cci_logoComic-con International starts today, and tomorrow I’ll join a panel of video game writers to discuss video game writing. If you’re at SDCC, you’ll want to check this panel out!

Writing for the Computer Gaming Industry

Thursday July 20, 2017 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Room 25ABC

Some of the most talented storytellers today create worlds for the computer gaming industry. This panel of industry vets share insights gleaned from creating some of the best reviewed narrative-driven titles in gaming history. The panel includes Neal Hallford (Lily Bard Online), Anne Toole (Horizon Zero Dawn), John Zuur Platten (Ingress), Kimberly Unger (Dexter: Slice), and Erin Knowles, moderated by Jana Hallford (Swords & Circuitry: A Designer’s Guide to Computer Role-Playing Games).

See you in San Diego!

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