At GDC, Covering Women in Games Roundtable

Looking for new sources? Pitching women clients? I’ll be heading up to GDC this week to cavort and make merry, but more importantly, I will be moderating this roundtable for the IGDA Women in Games SIG:

Covering Women in Games Roundtable

Where: GDC, Moscone North Hall, Room 112
When: Thursday, March 20th, 11:30am-12:30pm, 2014
The IGDA WIG SIG invites journalists, PR professionals and community managers to come together to identify what’s working and what isn’t in games journalism as it relates to women developers. For journalists who want to improve their coverage of women in the industry, this roundtable will identify current problems and provide solutions for how women developers are included in the media.


Attendees will leave this session understanding the concerns of women developers covered in games media along with best practices for covering women in games.

Intended Audience

Games journalists looking to improve diversity in the industry and improve their coverage of women will benefit the most from this session. PR professionals and community managers will likewise benefit and add a great deal to the discussion.

ALL GDC BADGE HOLDERS may attend.  RSVP is not required, but requested so we can send you reminders: .  Or, you can add this session to your GDC schedule:

Check out all the WIG SIG events here: See you at GDC!

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Vote for member benefits in the IGDA Elections

1911635_10152342692806754_1894970302_nHave you voted yet? If you’re an IGDA member, now’s your chance, until March 10th, to vote in the board elections.  As you may have gathered, I am running for the board with the goal of increasing member benefits and chapter support worldwide.  So check your e-mail for your special election password and get your voting on!

Of course, if you have any questions, concerns, vitriol, or zombie factoids you’d like to share, feel free to drop a comment below!

Candidate Statement

As IGDA members, we’re invested in making the IGDA the best it can be.  But how do we get there?  The IGDA lives and breathes by its members, but we will only grow if people see a benefit to membership.  Many primarily experience the IGDA through local chapters, but the chapters themselves are often left to go it on their own. For those not involved in a SIG who live too far from a current chapter, whether that’s in Minnesota or Milan, the IGDA practically doesn’t exist. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Over the past several years, I’ve become increasingly involved with the IGDA.  A lifetime member, I currently serve as an elected board member of the IGDA Los Angeles chapter and as co-chair of the Women in Games SIG, where I started the monthly Women in Games profiles. I previously served as the Mentorship Chair for the WIG SIG and have contributed to IGDA Perspectives on the topics of diversity and chapter engagement.  On top of that, I have visited IGDA chapters all over the world, from Singapore to Chicago.  Most tellingly, I have visited countries where few have heard of the IGDA.  I’m running for board to help the IGDA live up to its promise as an international organization dedicated to connecting professionals with their peers and promoting professional development.

If elected, I will work to:

  • increase member benefits that can be seen and felt regardless of location;
  • implement online opportunities to connect and offer services to all members;
  • increase support for chapters;
  • promote local chapter events and educational events to the entire IGDA so that all can benefit;
  • advocate on the Board for greater international presence, support, and programs;
  • increase the cachet and profile of the IGDA worldwide

After speaking to chapter leaders throughout the world, I’ve discovered that what chapters need varies by location.  A one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work, even if the IGDA were only a US organization.  One chapter might need money, while another might need speakers.  Therefore, membership benefits should go where members see it, where they are. At a chapter level, members will see their benefits in terms of better-funded and supported events. For those beyond the reach of chapters, members will be able to see benefits through online programs that increase connection and professional development. The more these programs benefit the members, the more will join, and the entire organization will benefit from it. As a board member, I can work to make all this a reality.

An EU and US citizen, I have worked on-site in the US, Canada, and the EU, and I’ve seen first-hand how mobile we are as an industry. We can’t afford to focus on one country or one continent anymore. I will work to increase the role of the IGDA both in North America and internationally.  If my experience is any indication, we will need it.

Brief Biography

Anne Toole is a writer of games, television, webseries, and short fiction. Her credits include the Emmy-winning webseries THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARES and the WGA-nominated dark fantasy game THE WITCHER.  Due to her transmedia experience, Anne has spoken at the inaugural Nokia OpenLab 2008 as well as about game design at GDC Europe, GDC Online, South by Southwest, the Login Game Conference, and Comic-con International.  In addition to her work with the IGDA, she was appointed by the West Hollywood City Council to serve on the city’s Women’s Advisory Board.  Anne graduated from Harvard with an ever-so-useful degree in Archaeology and suffers a minor zombie obsession.

IGDA Contributions:

Co-Chair, IGDA Women in Games SIG

  • Board Member, IGDA Los Angeles
  • Mentorship Chair, IGDA Women in Games SIG (2009-2010)
  • Speaker. IGDA Summit SF 2013
  • Member, IGDA Writers SIG
  • Contributor, IGDA Perspectives

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Got SF Pulp? Rocket Age: Prince’s Ransom drops today!

Your next adventure could by my latest adventure.  “A Prince’s Ransom,” an adventure I wrote for Cubicle 7′s Pulp RPG, Rocket Age, is available today.  Grab a few friends, some cheetos, and blast off for mystery and intrigue on Mars. Set in an alternate version of the 30s, Rocket Age earned itself a 5-star review. Here’s the official copy for the adventure:

The heir of Martian Prince Evos of Avat has been kidnapped and held ransom, risking disgrace and anarchy for the already unstable principality.

Our heroes are tasked with tracking down the kidnappers and rescuing the princeling – but all is not as it seems, and what started off as a simple rescue mission swiftly escalates into an interstellar corporate conspiracy.

Prince’s Ransom is a 20-page black and white PDF featuring a Rocket Age episode designed for four to six players by Anne Toole, illustrated by Paul Bourne, Scott Purdy and Jon Hodgson.

Cubicle 7 uses the Vortex system, which is the same as their Doctor Who RPG. See you on Mars!

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A Serious Prize: Tunnel Tail Game Wins!

Woot! A game I wrote for earned a Silver Medal at the 2013 International Serious Play Awards!  Tunnel Tail follows a group of mice as they struggle to overthrow the dark forces ready to take down both the mice and human worlds.  Naturally a true story (kidding), Tunnel Tail is more than a fantasy adventure, it has a serious component: helping combat addiction.  It’s an award I’m actually pretty proud of, considering that other award a project of mine won.

Although I work primarily in entertainment, you may not know that I also have a Skills Certificate in Chemical Dependency.  Thus, working on the project provided the perfect storm of creativity and knowledge.  My contribution ended up being “so integral to the learning component,” said a producer on the title.

The game has also been rated highly by players, so it can’t be all bad ;)  Check out the game for free! on iOS or Android.

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So, about that Emmy…

In case you hadn’t heard, the webseries I wrote for, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, won a Creative Arts Emmy this year for Original Interactive Program.  I haven’t posted about it sooner, because, as one might say to me or Mr. Darcy, “pics or it didn’t happen.”  Here are the pics for the Emmys, and heck, while I’m at it, I’ll list the other awards the show has earned:

IAWTV Award: Best Interactive/Social Media Experience
Streamy Awards: Best Interactive Program; Best Writing: Comedy
Emmy Award: Original Interactive Program

Congrats again to our fearless leader Bernie Su, as well as all the cast, crew, and fans who made it possible!


The Emmy


Me with the cast and crew at the Emmy reception

And the Emmy goes to…


Accepting the Emmy on-stage!


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Mad Scientist flash fiction now live!

Science!  If you’ve ever wanted to become a mad scientist, then check out the latest Mad Scientist Journal.  Within this Summer 2013 issue, you’ll find many tales of wonderment for the mad scientist in you, as well as a short piece of flash fiction from yours truly.  Yes, that’s slightly redundant, but I’m mad, mad, I tell you!  Enjoy this lovely digital issue at Smashwords, Amazon, or B&N.

And just to give this post a little more meat, the charity anthology Love and Other Distractions: An Anthology by 14 Hollywood Writers
is currently ranked #1 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Anthologies & Literary Collections > Short Stories!  It can be yours for $.99, with proceeds going to Kids Need to Read.  Enjoy!


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Writing in Multiple Media at Captivate Conference!

If you think one size fits all when it comes to creating a story for a medium or platform, you’ll get a chance to learn how wrong, wrong, wrong you are this Sunday in Austin at the first annual Captivate Conference. When you’re not learning about leadership from Warren Spector, you can come on by to my presentation with the extremely original title “Writing for Multiple Media.” I’ll be exploring how the medium and the business model impacts the kind of story you can tell, whether it’s games, TV, film, or webseries.  Heck, I might even throw in comics and animation, why not?

Writing in Multiple Media
When: October 6, 2013, 3:30-4:15pm
Where: Palmer Center, Austin, TX
Story is king, but storytelling isn’t a one size fits all proposition. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each medium, or you may alienate your buyers and your audience rather than engaging them.

Come on down! Bring your questions, bring your jeers, and then we’ll all go grab a beer!

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